8 Profitable business ideas for a profitable side hustle

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profitable business ideas

Entrepreneurship is on the rise all over the world. With the prevailing economic conditions, it makes sense for people to want multiple streams of income — to be able to afford the lifestyles they’d like to live comfortably. When planning and starting your business, making use of resources like LLCBuddy can ensure you’re meeting all legal requirements and setting yourself up for success.

There are many business ideas that one can exploit to make a living, and in this article, we’ll get to know eight of the best ideas on which you can base a career.

Profitable business ideas for side hustles

#1 Freelance Writer

female writer
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Do you have expertise in certain subjects or topics?

And are you able to write articles on such? If yes, then you can take up a career in ghostwriting.

You can make good money working as a ghostwriter with its side businesses as a proofreader, etc. If you’ve seriously considered the possibility and found it to be within your abilities, go ahead and create a website to promote your business. Also, you can use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote yourself as a freelance writer.

#2 Cleaning Service

male cleaner
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Some things are bound to happen in this life. Two of those things are dirt and grime and people not wanting to clean up after themselves. This leaves room open for anyone to operate a janitorial business, or, simply, a home cleaning service.

To improve your chances of regularly landing clients, do well to cater to the expectations of your clients. Many of those clients would retain your services and recommend you to their peers based on how efficient they find your services to be. This is one of the business ideas that, when well executed, can get you, high-value clients, such as corporate bodies wanting you to take up cleaning duties at their offices.

#3 Event Planning

From weddings to birthday parties, or corporate dinners and the like, people love to have events that compliment their status in society. People would spend much to have an event they can have beautiful memories about. For top-notch event planners, what this means is rewarding earning potential. You will have to be an expert in the field to know what would go into planning an event, resources and logistics, entertainment, etc., to have a basic estimate of what price range you should expect in regard to expenses.

Being well-organized and detail-oriented would get you very far in this business. Clients would not take kindly to you forgetting to get a particular feature they want to have at their event — leading to negative reviews of your service.

#4 Web Developer and Consultant

female web developer
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More entrepreneurs are being churned out daily. Whatever business it is that you’re running, you’d need a website, as it’s just as important as giving the business a name. And while businesses need websites, not every entrepreneur knows how to go about web design – though there are some great YouTube vids, offering tutorials for beginners available online now! That is where you step in.

There are many facets to being a web consultant. From building the site and its management and maintenance to domain name hosting and web content management, there are many hats a web consultant puts on. Having an understanding knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the important skills that a web consultant needs to have. Others have to do with copywriting, experience in building links, as well as graphics and affiliate programs — among others.

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#5 Fashion and Interior Decor Design

People like to look good as well as to live in a good-looking place. Fashion and interior design are two profitable businesses you can get involved in- if you have the interest and creative imagination. Expand the scope of your services, and you can earn much just from that.

You can specialize in designing custom pieces. For example, embroidered outfits or living room throw pillows. The possibilities are many. You only need to be imaginative enough to carve out a niche for yourself.

#6 Food and Catering Service

You know that no matter what the economic conditions may be in your country, food is always going to be a bestselling product. People would always want to fill their bellies with a hearty meal, and if you can make it for them, you’ll get paid for it. You can start a general catering business with meal specialities. And if the business is booming, you can market yourself as a personal chef to people who enjoy the taste of your recipes and are ready to pay for that.

To thrive in the food industry, you’ll need much knowledge of nutrition and catering to specialized diets — aside from having excellent organizational and cooking skills. Not to be forgotten, you’ll also need an understanding of health regulations, safe food handling practices, and product liability laws.

#7 Cosmetology and Make-Up Artistry

Fancy, you’ve got a good shot at making it in the cosmetology industry? Do you have friends, family, and even strangers marveling at how great someone you’ve touched up looks after being made up by you? Then you can start a profitable side hustle with that.

Add bridal hair and makeup, body and facial treatments, manicures and pedicures to your services as the side hustle grows and in no time, you’ll have a fully-fledged business to your name.

This is one of the business ideas that doesn’t need a large capital to start. You can begin as a mobile venture, meaning you wouldn’t need to have a storefront — to avoid startup costs such as utilities, rent, etc. As time goes on, you’ll have to regularize your operation to be a full business entity gradually.

#8 Graphic Design

male graphic designer
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Graphic designers are essential to various industries. School books need illustrations, events need flyers, businesses would need catalogs, hospitals would use informational pamphlets, etc.

No matter what industry you’re looking at, graphic designers are essential, and if you happen to be very good at doing your job to clients’ satisfaction, you’ll get to have lots of people willing to pay you well for your expertise.

To Conclude

While there are many business ideas you can think of, not so many are guaranteed to bring you great returns or living wages for the month, especially within a short time. Most of the ideas listed above need consistency to grow from occasional client calls to full-time businesses that would require you to schedule clients for their appointments.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to turn these from just business ideas into well-paying profitable ventures.

We hope this article helped you to identify potential ideas to start your side hustle.

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