Netflix shares coronavirus

Netflix shares are on the rise despite coronavirus fears

Netflix shares coronavirus: The coronavirus has got nothing on Netflix because its shares keep rising even as the stock market slides amid increasing fears of...
Apple iPad keyboard

Apple set to release an iPad keyboard in 2020 with a built-in trackpad

Apple iPad keyboard: Apple might be releasing a new iPad keyboard in 2020 with a built-in trackpad, reports have said, taking the tab one step...
Uber drivers coronavirus

Uber drivers worried about coronavirus are avoiding airport pickups

Uber drivers coronavirus: Uber drivers, who regularly let several travelers into their personal cars are beginning to have a rethink due to the Coronavirus outbreak,...
Safaricom Amazon Africa

Safaricom collaborates with Amazon to bring more cloud services in Africa

Safaricom Amazon Africa: Amazon Web Services (AWS), the biggest cloud computing platform on Earth, has just signed a strategic agreement with Kenya’s largest mobile operator,...
Google Earth browsers Chrome

Google Earth now available on browsers other than Chrome

Google Earth browsers Chrome: Google is now sharing the planet with other browsers as its aerial mapping service is presently available on browsers other than...
dress heatwave Nigerians

Here’s how to dress in this heatwave Nigerians are currently experiencing

There is a heatwave right now in the city of Lagos and Lagosians are complaining. The weather is so hot during the day that...

Oxford Business Group launches 2020 publication on country’s economy

Ghana’s efforts to put its economy on a more sustainable path by introducing a raft of wide-ranging reforms across the banking sector are mapped...
MTN Mobile Money fraud: 5 Ways they get your name and phone numbers

MTN Mobile Money fraud: 5 ways a fraudster can get your name and phone number

Mobile Money fraud on the MTN network is so rampant it can be likened to a virus sweeping through a community. Every user has...
Breast pain

Here’s why you have breast pain

Women experience breast pain once in a while without knowing the reason for it. This results in panic because some ladies immediately link it...

Unconventional foods that Nigerians eat

Need a list of animals you never knew Nigerians enjoy cooking and eating? We have you covered. You will be shocked. Unconventional foods Nigerians: 1....
Places visit Cape Town

Places to visit when next you storm Cape Town

Cape Town is not just a stunning place to see, it is also an entertaining location to live in. Anyone lucky enough to be...
Disney Bob Iger

Vital questions facing Disney after Bob Iger’s exit from his CEO role

Disney Bob Iger: Bob Iger stepped down from his role as Disney CEO recently and Bob Chapek has taken over from where he stopped. Iger...
Conflux Africa

Chinese startup, Conflux set to establish base in Africa

Conflux Africa: Chinese multimillion-dollar blockchain start-up, Conflux is set to storm Africa as it looks to set up a vibrant community of developers and miners...

Verve Launches ‘Live the Good Life Campaign’

Verve, the largest domestic card scheme in Africa, recently launched a new campaign themed “Live the good life”. The campaign reiterates the essence of...
Netflix Nollywood Netflix Naija

Netflix set to offer more Nollywood originals with the arrival of Netflix Naija

Netflix Nollywood Netflix Naija: American-based video-on-demand (VOD) streaming platform, Netflix recently opened a dedicated Twitter account for Nigerians — @NetflixNaija, and several reactions have trailed...
Nigerian government startups MSMEs

Nigerian government approves $268 million to aid startups/MSMEs

Nigerian government startups MSMEs: President Muhammadu Buhari has signed the Finance Act into law, a move that will exempt startups, with revenues of ₦25 million...
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra camera

Samsung vows to improve Galaxy S20 Ultra camera after bad reviews

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra camera: Samsung has been taking some stick immediately after launching the new Galaxy S20 series. Recall that the S20 Ultra was...
South Africa wind farms 2030

South Africa set to build 12 new wind farms to take over from coal stations by 2030

South Africa wind farms 2030: Plans for constructing and activating wind farms across South Africa are presently ongoing. The aim is, by 2030, to have...
Nigerian Celebrity weddings 2020

Nigerian celebrity weddings that might happen in 2020

Nigerian Celebrity weddings 2020: It might be too early because we are not even in March yet, but there are signs that your favorite celebs...
Entertaining spots Ibadan

Entertaining spots you should visit next time you go to Ibadan

Entertaining spots Ibadan: From its wildlife centers to its luxury spots for a brilliant family picnic or getaway, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, surely has lots...
Countries prostitution legal

Countries where prostitution is totally legal

Countries prostitution legal: While some nations frown against it, some are totally fine with it. If you did not know, some countries have actually regulated...
Food poisoning

Natural ways to tackle food poisoning right in your home

Food poisoning: If you did not know, Food poisoning can be treated with homemade remedies that will save you a trip to the clinic. Symptoms...

Here’s how to react if you suspect that your partner is cheating on you

Suspect partner cheating: If you ever suspect your partner is cheating on you, there are steps to take. Sometimes, in relationships, suspicions will creep in...
Top smartphone security tips

Top smartphone security tips

Smartphones are much easier to hack than what most people believe. It is vital for all users that their mobile gadgets are properly secured...
South African eNations Cup qualifiers

South African eNations Cup qualifiers to commence March 21

South African fans have the chance to represent their country at FIFA 20 in this year's FIFA eNations Cup. In 2019, South Africa Football...