When should you invest in SEO?

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When should you invest in SEO?

SEO includes all activities aimed at optimizing a website in such a way that it is more visible to search engine crawlers. But will an investment in SEO bring tangible benefits to your business? How to recognize when such a service is needed, and how much should it cost? Read this text and find out when is the best time to invest in positioning and what should be included in this type of activity.

When you want your clients to find you

Ads screaming “Buy me!” have stopped working for consumers a long way back. The phenomenon known as banner blindness has become common, which means that we have learned to ignore intrusive sales messages.

So, how to reach potential customers in such circumstances? Make them find your company themselves – exactly when they need it. This is what makes website positioning possible.

The key to success here is meticulous keyword analysis achieved by using professional Rank Higher Agency SEO services. You should focus primarily on those entered by users for whom the offer of your brand is relevant at the moment and solves their problems or satisfies the need.

When you want to gain advantage over your competitors

Any way to stay ahead of the competition is good. However, positioning may be the most profitable – the results in the first positions in Google get as much as 32% of clicks! So there is definitely something to strive for. 

Even if your competitors have been fighting for a high position on Google for a long time, you shouldn’t be discouraged. You can still find a space to showcase your offer. In such a situation, it is worth starting positioning with long tail phrases, which are less popular, but create a greater chance of conversion.

When you strive for long-term results

You have to wait for the effects of positioning. You won’t notice them on the first day after posting an article or following a redirect. However, once they do appear, which usually takes several weeks or sometimes months, they can persist for many years with appropriate optimization.

This is very valuable information, especially if you want to switch from SEO to paid advertising. After all, you can see the effects of Google Ads immediately. However, you need to be aware that they only last when you invest in search advertising. On the other hand, once the results in SEO are achieved, it is easy to maintain for a very long time, which makes positioning one of the cheapest and long-term methods of acquiring customers.

When you want to sell more (obviously)

It’s simple – more traffic means more sales opportunities. SEO is a key mechanism for increasing sales, especially in the e-commerce industry, all online services and local businesses. We emphasize once again that positioning for skilfully selected phrases will attract users who are really interested in your offer, and not random “passers-by”.

However, remember that positioning itself is not everything. Your website must be prepared to accept more users – an efficient server infrastructure and a design compliant with the principles of User Experience is the basis.

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