3 Tips to help you start face rolling

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3 Tips to help you start face rolling

Any skincare enthusiast out there will have seen at least one of their favorite social media influencers or celebrities talk about face rolling. It’s one of the more recent skincare trends that have taken over the internet for being aesthetically pleasing and relaxing, and many different individuals swear by the benefits that they see.

In case you missed it, face rolling is the act of gently massaging the face with a facial tool of your choice. There are many different tools that can be used during face rolling such as the conventional face roller with a different size at each end, a gua sha board that also comes in different shapes and sizes, as well as a metallic facial roller that usually has two adjacent balls at the end.

While science has yet to catch up and verify all of its benefits, there has been research supporting claims that face rolling does help with depuffing and reducing inflammation, which is what face rolling has become well-known for in the beauty industry. It’s also why you see everyone grabbing their face rollers in their morning routine as most facial puffiness happens right after waking up.

Face rolling also helps improve circulation to the face, as evidenced by the visible flush that the skin has after a few strokes, and it’s also claimed to help with lymphatic drainage as well. Apart from the physical benefits, many also stand by facial rolling as a way of relaxing themselves after a long day and relieving any mental stress that they may have felt.

With all of these perks associated with face rolling, you might be looking forward to buying your own roller, but there are a few things that you should know before you begin your journey into facial rolling to make sure that you do it properly and not cause damage to your skin.

Tip #1: Don’t Roll on a Dry Face

One of the most popular things that skincare professionals and dermatologists say about facial rolling is that you should never do it on a dry face. While this isn’t a risk with all facial rollers, rolling on a dry face will inevitably lead to excessive and unnecessary tugging on the skin that can cause serious consequences over time, such as looser skin and the development of wrinkles.

Instead, make sure that you apply some facial oil to help lessen the friction between the roller and your skin. A lot of people think that their serums or moisturizers provide enough of a slip to ease the strokes of the roller, but neither of these skincare products stay on the skin’s surface long enough to do this. These products tend to absorb into the skin immediately after application, which means that there won’t be much left by the time you start rolling.

Tip #2: Don’t Put Too Much Pressure

Even when you’ve already applied your facial oil all over your skin, you still need to make sure that you roll your face carefully. Other than making sure that you don’t stretch your skin too much, you should also try to not put too much pressure by pushing the roller into your skin. This not only risks irritating your skin, but it also makes each stroke that much harsher.

You actually don’t need a lot of pressure when bringing your tool across your face because all of the benefits—improved circulation, lymphatic drainage, reduced puffiness and more—can all be seen with the lighter strokes. Excessive force when rolling can actually do the opposite and irritate your skin and make your face too red from the pressure, so it’s best to simply avoid a heavy hand when face rolling.

Tip 3: Clean Your Roller Regularly

This isn’t really something that everyone thinks about, but you should always make sure to clean your facial roller as often as you can. If you’re using your facial roller to help certain products sink into your skin better, chances are that some of those products are still lingering onto your roller the next time you pick it up.

Eventually, this accumulation of skincare products might create the perfect breeding ground for different germs and bacteria, and this could cause a number of adverse skincare reactions from irritation or even severe breakouts. You can easily clean your roller by running it under some water and using either your facial cleanser or some regular soap to make sure that everything has been washed off, and make sure that you properly dry it before storing.

These tips will help you get started on your facial rolling adventure. If you’re looking to try out facial rolling for yourself, check out Temu to find your facial roller today! Temu is the latest online shopping platform that offers world-class products at insanely affordable prices that customers just can’t stay away from. With products from over 29 categories and 250 subcategories, there’s something for everyone over at Temu. Check out Temu’s official website or download the official Temu mobile app.

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