Playing card games with four People

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Playing card games with four People

The classic game of Hearts is meant to be played with four people. If you’re playing with a physical deck of cards, you’ll want to gather three friends to play with, but if you’re playing online, you can be matched with anyone.

Playing cards with four players is an ideal situation for a large variety of card games. There are many popular games such as bridge, spades, hearts or rummy that can be played with four players, but sometimes players want to try something new. The following games are fun and easy to learn, but are less widely known than the more popular games like Online Casinos Ghana.

The Scat Card Game for Four People

The object of this game is to achieve a score that is closest to or equal 31. To score, the cards must be of the same suit. Aces equal 11 points, K, Q, J & 10 equal 10 and all other cards are counted at their face value.

Each player starts the game with three “lives” (pennies, matchsticks, toothpicks, etc.) Three cards are dealt to each player, one card placed in the middle of the table, face up, for the discard pile and the rest of the cards are placed next to the discard pile, face down, to become the stock. During their turn, each player picks up one card from either pile and discards one card to the discard pile.

Before the start of a turn, if a player feels they have a hand that can be equal to or the greater than all other players’ cards after their next turn, that player “Knocks”. This ends the players turn (they do not pick up or discard) and the other players get one chance to pick up and discard. After everyone has gotten their one turn, all cards are displayed face up on the table and scores compared. Each player declares which suit is their point suit and totals up their cards according to that choice. The lowest scoring hand puts one of the lives into the center of the table. If the knocker is the lowest hand, he loses two lives. If there is a tie for the lowest hand, both players lose a life, unless one of them is the knocker; he wins the tie.

If a player reaches a score of 31 in their hand using cards of the same suit after picking up and discarding on his turn, he lays down his cards and is declared the winner. If this happens during a knock, the player is still the winner and the games ends.

If a player loses all of his lives in a game before a 31 scoring winner is declared, he is out of the game.

The Pig Card Game for Four People with No Stock Pile

There are many variations of this game, but to play with four players and no stock pile, the deck should be divided to include only the four aces, kings, queens and jacks. There should be four cards of equal value for each player playing, so if playing with five players, also include the 10s, if playing with six players, include the 9s and so forth. The cards are shuffled and dealt, four per player.

The play begins by all players removing one card from their hand and placing it, face down, to their left, then picking up the card that the player on their right has placed. This continues as quickly or slowly as the players wish, but no one can have more than four cards in their hand at any given moment.

Once a player has achieved matching four cards of the same value in their hand, they quietly place one finger on their nose. As soon as other players notice this, they too should place one finger on their nose. The last player to notice and place their finger on their nose is the loser of that hand and receives one letter of the word pig. Once a player has received all three of the letters of the word and has spelled P-I-G, he is out of the game and the others continue until there is only one player left.

How to Play Dubs Bridge Card Game

Dub’s Bridge is an interesting and unique card game that can be played by groups of eight or more players. Seventeen hands are played during the game where, after every hand is played, trump cards change and players advance to other tables where they switch partners.

How to Set Up for Dub’s Bridge

Dub’s Bridge may be played by eight or more players but the number of players must be evenly divisible by four. Four people sit at each table with partners facing each other.

Each table needs a regular 52 card deck of playing cards but the four joker123 should be removed. Players cut the cards to determine who the dealer is. The dealer shuffles and deals the remaining 48 cards out to each player and the player sitting to the left of the dealer leads off.
Players may not lead off with trump cards unless they only have trump cards left in hand.

Scoring Points and Switching Partners in Dub’s Bridge

There is no bidding In Dub’s Bridge, there are no dummies and no honors are counted. Each trick won during any hand counts as ten points. Since twelve tricks may be won during the hand the maximum score during each hand is 120 points unless otherwise specified in the rules below.

The team which takes the most tricks at the table for that hand is the winner. The winning team moves on to the next table while the losers stay but each team changes partners for the next hand. In one version of Dub’s Bridge, winners of a hand at Table One stay at that table and retain their partners while the losers move to the last table; otherwise, it is the winners who move on to the next table.

While players work as a team, each player should have an individual score sheet on which they record their team’s score for each hand.

Play Seventeen Hands in Dubs Bridge

Seventeen hands are played in Dub’s Bridge. For each hand, the trump card changes and the method of scoring varies:
Trumps: Spades.
Trumps: None. Winners of this hand add 100 to their score.
Trumps: Clubs. Winners and losers trade scores with each other on this hand.
Trumps: Hearts. Players do not look at their hands but, instead, play from the table.
Trumps: Spades. On this hand, the losing team subtracts 10 from their score.
Trumps: Clubs. The winning team takes all of the points.
Trumps: None. Winners add 200 points to their score.
Trumps: Diamonds. On this hand, the winners and losers trade scores.
Trumps: Clubs. Players do not look at their hand; they play from the table.
Trumps: Hearts. No talking allowed on this hand. Winners take all of the points unless someone speaks while the hand is being played; in that case, the other team takes all of the points.
Cut for trumps; winners add 50 to score.
Trumps: None. Losing team takes all of the points.
Trumps: Spades. The losing team subtracts 10 from their score.
Trumps: Hearts. The winners add 100 to their score.
Trumps: Clubs. The winning and losing team trade scores.
Trumps: Hearts. On this hand there are no partners. Each player scores their own tricks.
Trumps: None. Each trick counts double.

Ending the Dub’s Bridge Game

Dub’s Bridge ends after all seventeen hands have been played. The person with the highest individual score is the winner of Dub’s Bridge. In the event of a tie, the players are co-winners.

Additional Suggestions for Playing Dub’s Bridge

To make the game more exciting, consider awarding small, inexpensive prizes to players who achieve any of the following:
Highest individual score.
Lowest individual score.
Most hands won during the game.
Largest team score for a hand during the game.

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