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UG Sakai login

Are you a student or staff member at the University of Ghana, seeking effortless access to your course materials and online assessments? Look no further than UG Sakai login—the gateway to a seamless learning experience. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to login to the UG Sakai LMS portal and maximize its features.

Whether you’re a student preparing for tests or an instructor managing class assignments, UG Sakai login has you covered. Let’s dive in and explore how you can conveniently access your University of Ghana account with UG Sakai LMS.

Understanding UG Sakai LMS:

Enhancing Learning at the University of Ghana UG Sakai is the alternative learning environment adopted by the University of Ghana. It provides a centralized platform for students and faculty to access course materials, communicate, collaborate, and participate in virtual learning activities. By logging into UG Sakai, you can unlock a world of educational resources specifically tailored to your courses at the University of Ghana.

How to Login UG Sakai LMS Portal

Step-by-Step Guide To access your University of Ghana account through UG Sakai login, follow these steps:

US sakai lms login
  • Browse the URL:
  • On the Sakai Gateway homepage, enter your User ID and Password.
  • Tap on the Log in Button to proceed.

Exploring UG Sakai’s Features and Functionality:

Once logged into UG Sakai, you can take full advantage of its features. Here are some key functionalities to explore:

  • Accessing course materials: Navigate through your courses to find lecture notes, presentations, and supplementary resources shared by instructors.
  • Online assessments: Take tests and quizzes online within the UG Sakai platform. Ensure you follow the instructions provided by your instructors and submit your responses as directed.
  • Collaborative tools: Utilize communication and collaboration tools within UG Sakai to engage with classmates and instructors. Participate in discussions, group projects, and virtual meetings to enhance your learning experience.

How to Change My Sakai Password

  1. Login UG Sakai Portal here
  2. Tap on “Reset Password
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Click on “Send Password“.
  5. Check your email. An email will be sent to you containing a link where you can securely set your password.

NB: This link will expire within 1hour starting from the time of the request.

How to Submit a Test or Quiz on UG Sakai

  1. Visit your UG Sakai login Portal
  2. Select the Tests & Quizzes tool from the Tool Menu of your site
  3. In the Assessments section, click on the title of the assessment that you want to take.
  4. Click on the link to Begin Assessment
  5. Answer each question
  6. Save and Submit for Grading.

Note: Assessments that are past the due date but still available for late submissions will appear in the list with the Due Date/Time shown in red. Assessments that are not currently available do not show up in the Assessments list at all.

How to Submit an Assignment on UG Sakai

  1. Login to your US Sakai LMS Account
  2. Select Assignments from the Tool Menu
  3. Click on the title of the assignment or direct link to the assignment in the lesson
  4. Enter and/or attach your assignment
  5. Submit your Assignment

Looking for your course in Sakai?

Your courses should appear across the top of Sakai or under the Sites menu when they are available to you.

  1. You can also check your “My Current Sites” page:
  2. Login Sakai
  3. Go to “Membership” on the left
  4. Go to “My Current Sites”

Additional Tips

  • Depending on the assignment settings, you may be allowed to enter your submission in-line and/or attach a file or files.
  • Enter your submission text into the Assignment Text area using the Rich Text Editor.
  • Under Attachments, click the “Choose File button” to browse and select a file to upload from your computer.
  • Alternately, you may also select files from the ‘Home’ or site button to select a file you have already uploaded.

Troubleshooting and Support

If you encounter any difficulties during the UG Sakai login process or while using the platform, reach out to the University of Ghana’s IT support for assistance. They can provide guidance on resolving technical issues and offer additional support tailored to your needs.


UG Sakai login is your gateway to a seamless learning experience at the University of Ghana. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily access your account, explore course materials, engage in online assessments, and collaborate with peers and instructors. Embrace the convenience and flexibility of UG Sakai to enhance your educational journey. Discover the boundless opportunities that UG Sakai offers and make the most of your time at the University of Ghana.

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