NSS Flair portal: Modules, how to apply and more

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NSS Flair portal

NSS introduces the ‘Flair portal’ to create employment for personnel in Ghana.

The National Service Scheme recently launched its new vision of “Deployment for Employment”, away from the previous mandate of just deploying personnel. 

“The shift in paradigm from purely deploying personnel for a year to an agency that offers permanent employment opportunities, as well as provides entrepreneurial and employment skills for the youth, has become necessary due to the increasing unemployment rate,” Mr Osei Assibey Antwi, has announced at a user agency stakeholder meeting at the  Cedi Conference Hall, University of Ghana, Accra.

FLAIR is an employability platform that also allows user agencies to request graduates with specific skills or training to undertake national service at their end.

The portal also allows stakeholders to benefit from skill-matching information, including a course of study or profession. It serves as a database that provides information on both national service personnel and user agencies.


The FLAIR platform would serve as a place for employers to match their skills requirements with eligible candidates to:

  1. Save Recruitment Costs: with a streamlined candidate sourcing process.
  2. Improve Candidate Visibility: with one centralised pool of National graduate talent.
  3. Provide Early Career Support: with focused training offerings and mentorships.

The digital solution by the NSS aims to:

  • Provide hiring companies direct access to a profiled pool of verified graduate talents
  • Provide rich training and personal development options to allow candidates to bridge skills deficiency based on company demands and career interests.
  • Provide career guidance through a pool of experienced industry mentors and knowledge partners.
  • Simplify recruitment by providing a unified interface for internships, NSS requests and placements, and Post NSS graduate recruitment to companies.
  • Impact assessment data for funding partners on training programs for a continuous improvement regime of the funded initiatives.

How will FLAIR tackle graduate unemployment in Ghana?

1. Graduate Recruitment: Companies can efficiently run their graduate recruitment on Flair with its streamlined processes and the direct facilitation and connections between these companies and

2. Training & Mentorship: Graduates can take courses that boost their employability chances. Flair would also auto-suggest courses based on industry demands and candidate interests. Graduates can request mentorship based on specific guidance areas, either in one—on—one sessions or in group sessions.

3. Remote Work Training: Graduates can take up basic training for in-demand applications that would allow them to explore remote jobs outside of Ghana. For example, the ideal candidates they seek are CRM tools, Data Entry, Tech Support, etc..

4. Precision Job Matching: Companies can define the skills and qualifications they seek, and Flair algorithms would provide a shortlist of eligible candidates to fill the job role being recruited for.

5. Internship & NSS Recruitment: Companies could also access a large talent pool of students and new graduates looking for short internships or annual National Service Programs placements.

5. Foreign Work Program: Bilateral skills programs would be available for interested and qualified candidates to undertake through partnerships with foreign governments, missions, and embassies. This would provide them with foreign experience that would help accelerate their careers.

Benefits of FLAIR

Benefits of FLAIR

FLAIR Deployment Roadmap

As of this writing, the platform is not at its full potential. Here is a 12-month road presented by the developers of FLAIR.

flair roadmap

FLAIR Modules

The NSS Flair Portal modules designed by the NSS to incubate national service personnel into global entrepreneurs is to include:

  • NSS-Ghana Tourism Authority Support programme,
  • Construction (housing) of real estate and public facilities,
  • Agriculture,
  • NSS-Techlab partnership to design computer application system.

How to apply for FLAIR

The National Service Secretariat has not officially communicated the official release of FLAIR. However, the signup link was made available to the stakeholder.

To sign up for the NSS FLAIR portal, Click here.

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