10 Best newborn Photoshop actions

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Best newborn Photoshop actions

Beginner baby photographers can make their image post-production routine less stressful and time-consuming with the help of newborn Photoshop actions.

These tools help deal with the most frequent problems of baby photos such as bluish lips, redness on the skin and jaundice without tiresome manual color correction.

1. Gentle Newborn Photoshop Actions

There are 60 top-notch Ps newborn actions that easily remove reddish spots, different blemishes on the baby’s skin and gently improve colors. Moreover, you can use these actions to alter the temperature and tone of the shots, bring light and shadows into order and even create a bokeh effect.

Gentle Newborn Photoshop Actions
(Image credit: fixthephoto.com)

2. Tenderness Baby Photoshop Actions

This collection consists of 50 Photoshop actions for newborn photography. They are absolutely indispensable if you need to even out the face tone, get rid of redness or change the temperature of a photo. Take advantage of these instruments if you edit close-up baby portraits.

Tenderness Baby Photoshop Actions
(Image credit: fixthephoto.com)

3. Baby Portrait Photoshop Actions Collection

Baby Portrait Photoshop Actions Collection
(Image credit: fixthephoto.com)

As the name suggests, these actions are designed for improving portraits of your little models. There are 80 first-class instruments which you can use to enhance the skin tone, accentuate cute details, focus on the emotions and, generally, make a photo brighter and eye-pleasing.

If you believe that any picture should look natural regardless of the changes applied, you should definitely use these actions.

4. Sparkle Photoshop Actions Collection

Sparkle Photoshop Actions Collection
(Image credit: fixthephoto.com)

If you want to step aside from traditional pastel-color newborn images and fill your photos with bright sparkles, here is a wonderful collection of newborn actions worth paying attention to.

Look through the pack and choose the action which suits your image best of all. There are many options to download differ in colors, shapes and arrangement.

5. Cinematic Colors Newborn Photoshop Actions

Cinematic Colors Newborn Photoshop Actions
(Image credit: fixthephoto.com)

If you feel that the baby photos can acquire an interesting look after you apply any of this cinematic newborn Photoshop action, go for it!

There are 50 professional actions with a variety of colors, so you are bound to find something fitting for your images. Be accurate with this effect, not to make the newborn shots look unrealistic.

6. Universal Photoshop Actions

Universal Photoshop Actions
(Image credit: fixthephoto.com)

A truly universal set of actions, suitable not only for improving newborn photos but also applicable to couple, portrait, cityscape and family photos. They will make your pictures brighter, clearer, improve contrast and highlight facial features.

7. Skin Smoothing Photoshop Actions

Skin Smoothing Photoshop Actions
(Image credit: fixthephoto.com)

These are the best newborn Photoshop actions, if you need to handle lighting issues and improve the skin tone in a quick way. There are 5 instruments in total and we recommend testing them all to understand which one is super handy for dealing with the way the skin looks and what actions help improve lighting.

8. Matte Photoshop Actions

 Matte Photoshop Actions
(Image credit: fixthephoto.com)

A matte effect is immensely popular among many shooters and those engaged in newborn photography are no exception. Use these actions to imbue your photos with a gentle atmosphere without abrupt color shifts.

They are equally helpful for enhancing outdoor and indoor shots. For outdoor baby photoshoots we recommend applying Cloud Overlays. (URL: best-clouds-photoshop-overlays) If you use Lightroom for color correction, download these Matte Lightroom presets (URL: matte-lightroom-presets) for enhancing your baby images.

9. Color Correction Baby Photoshop Actions

Color Correction Baby Photoshop Actions
(Image credit: fixthephoto.com)

10 Photoshop actions for newborn photography, designed with the peculiarities of this genre in mind. They allow playing with colors in images, choosing the most appropriate shade to accentuate the message you tried to convey while taking photos.

They also help deal with regular problems such as redness on the skin.

10. Black and White Photoshop Actions

Black and White Photoshop Actions
(Image credit: fixthephoto.com)

Turning your images into B&W pictures isn’t such a difficult task but applying this effect to newborn photos can cause some difficulties.

That’s why we recommend using these actions not to go overboard and keep your images stunning yet realistic. Choose any of 20 actions and see how they work for your baby pictures.



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