How to Greet in Chinese: 5 common greeting words

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We need to greet others in China, at least it will create a good impression on them. But we do not know that at all, so today, we will learn that here. Then it will be easy for us to communicate with people.

If you want to impress someone, you should start with the basics. Always greet people first with “Hello” or “Hi”. You should also say a few words and make small talk. Say something about your day, what you like, dislike, or about your life. These things are great for starting conversations. But we need to know basic Chinese. 

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5 Common greeting words in Chinese 

We need to know some basic Chinese when we are going to china. Also, there are millions of Chinese people around the world, so we can also talk with them. We will now discuss 5 greeting words here in Chinese.

You probably already know some greetings if you’re from the USA, Canada, Australia, UK or other English-speaking countries. However, there are lots of differences between these countries. In the following lines, we will focus on some Chinese greetings and phrases you might find in China.

We are trying to find a way to do this because we have a lot of figures where we would like them all to look the same and to have different fonts and colours. If someone knows how to do this, please help us with this problem. 

Nihao- Hello

In the Chinese word Ni Hao, they say hello. It is a basic greeting word that Chinese people use. So, you can use this word when you first meet someone and greet them. 

Hello means “Nihao”. It is the traditional greeting used by Chinese people. It is very formal, and it is used only among friends and family members.

You can also use this word when you first meet someone and when you want to welcome him/her. So, if you ever travel to China and meet someone, you can say “Nihao”, this will be very polite and nice to say.

Ninhao- Hello

Ninhao is another Chinese word to greet, the meaning is Hello/ Hi. We can tell this to a new person when we meet one and introduce ourselves. So, let’s tell Ninhao to others. 

We should say “Nin Hao”, if he is our friend, or if we want to ask about his well-being. We are able to greet him with “Nin Hao”. First, we must know the meaning of the word in Chinese. We can find the meaning of the word ” Ninhao” by googling it. The result will be “hello”, “hi”, “sir”, etc. 

Dajia Hao- Hello Everybody

We can use another greeting word Dajia Hao in Chinese, to say hello to everybody. We can use this word to greet a lot of people. So, you greet a group or a lot of people in an office. 

There are other greeting words too. That means thank you very much. This is the most common word you will see people using to greet their friends or business partners. So, if you are going to meet your friend or your business partner in the afternoon or at night, you say thank you too. 

Xiaohao- Good Afternoon

Xiawhao has an amazing meaning that you can tell; good afternoon. When you meet someone in the evening, you can tell Xiao Hao; with this greeting, you can get close to others easily. 

Xiaohao also means good day; you can tell this meaning when you meet someone for the first time or after a long time. Xiaohao is also an excellent name for people born on the Dragon Year. The year of the dragon has much lucky significance. We can tell this in the evening and make people happy about us too.

Zao- Good Morning

The best greeting is in the morning; when we meet someone, we can tell Zao, that it is the good morning that we greet each other. Here we can meet a new person and greet him, in this way we can become close to people and be friendly.

The greeting is not just to show you how friendly you are but also if you know someone well or not, this is what makes friendship more interesting. First, if you are the one greeting or the one you wish to greet: if he has a girlfriend, then he will answer with a smile and a “ciao”.


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