Caveman watches: Ghanaian watchmaker launches global standard watch brand

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Caveman watches, a wholly-owned Ghanaian watch manufacturing company, launched on  December 12, 2018. Speaking with the CEO of Caveman and TimepieceGh, Mr Anthony Dzamefe, the recently awarded Emerging Youth Innovator at Ghana Youth Event Awards 2018, he said he chose to launch CAVEMAN on December 12, 2018, because not only is it his birthday but also because the journey to get here have been filled with adversity. Therefore, he considers the launch as a gift to himself and all Ghanaians and as a reminder and assurance that if you want to, you can.

Before Caveman, there was TimepieceGh, which Mr Dzamefe started in 2015, with just GHC50. He started this company because he wanted to buy a watch, and it was so expensive, but rather than just complain about how much the watch cost, it birthed a curiosity in him to delve deeper into what made quality watches so special and expensive, this led to an idea at the back of his mind that one day he will love to make watches of his own. He realised that he needed to start from somewhere, though, so he began by doing the unglamorous things, like hawking watches at car parks and the mall and in front of offices etc.

One major thing Mr Dzamefe noticed during this time was the fact that all the watches he was selling, none were manufactured in Africa and not owned by Africans, so after settling in a shop in 2017/2018, he took the next step and enrolled in an online Swiss watchmaking course. This led to him making handmade leather straps and also repairing broken-down watches; from there, he started making wall clocks from discarded wood. He affectionately named the clocks WOODPECKER, which has all led to 12/12/18, the unveiling of CAVEMAN.

Why CAVEMAN, though? Why not something more sophisticated like all other watches? According to Mr Anthony, he drew and still draws a lot of inspiration from sophisticated originality, durability, and natural presence in the works of the prehistoric caveman, and therefore decided to build a brand that will have these values and be a constant reminder for us to be limitless and achievers’ whiles keeping in touch with our origins. In short, a brand known for its handmade durability will deliver everything it promises.

CAVEMAN watches will start selling on December 12, 2018; you can visit their website or their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram: cavemanwatches to place your orders. The amazing part is you only make payment on delivery after carefully inspecting the product to ensure it’s what you ordered for. 

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You can also walk into the TimepieceGh shop opposite Adjringanor Station or call 0541185114/0544180546 to place orders and make enquiries.

If you want to be remembered, your wrist needs a CAVEMAN watch.

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