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StarTimes, over the years, has consistently delivered top-notch services to its customers. The Chinese-owned digital terrestrial and satellite television has become popular since its launch in Ghana. It has supplied subscribers with rich content of Entertainment, Sports, and many others for their viewing pleasure at relatively cheaper rates.

However, just like any digital terrestrial or satellite television, it comes with its troubleshooting issues that users face. Here are some common troubleshooting problems related to StarTimes and how they can be fixed.

1. Decoder System Sudden Halt

If you encounter this issue, you may want to troubleshoot, following these steps.

  1. First, try turning off your decoder and turning it on again.
  2. Recheck and see if the issue is resolved
  3. If not, try and see the decoder software version; if it doesn’t tally, you can request a decoder change. NB: The decoder version is

2. Missing Channels

First, check whether your satellite dish has moved out of position or whether any cable connecting it to the decoder is still firm and intact.

If the problem persists, reset the decoder to a “first-time-user” mode and run an “Auto” search. (Pressing “Menu”, then “Setting”, and press “Auto Search). The decoder can be reset by pressing “Menu”, then “Setting”, then “decoder information”, then “restore the default setting.” Input Password on Enquiry, which is a Sextuple Zeros (000000) and then presses “OK”.

3. Channels are “Shaky.”

This could be a problem with the Signal, a cable disconnection, or even a wrongly positioned satellite dish.
First, ensure all the cables connected to the decoder are firmly fixed and not loosely fixed. Also, check the dish for wrong positions or loose connections as well. If it persists, running an “Auto Search” is advisable to refresh the channels. (Pressing “Menu”, then “Setting”, and press “Auto Search). You may also want to check the Signal by pressing “Menu”, then “Setting”, and then “signal status”.

4. Video Displays, but without Sound

This happens when pictures are displayed, but the sound is missing. Three main cables are responsible for the Sound and Video Output which connect the cable to the television.
These three main cables are denoted with the colours Red, Yellow, and White, with the Red and Yellow being responsible for Audio Input and Output whilst the Whitemeanss the Video Output and Input. You may want to check if each cable is rightly fixed and not interchanged. Likewise, you can change the Audio setting to Stereo by pressing “Menu” followed by “OK” and then scrolling to change Audio from Mono to Stereo.

5. No Pictures Showing — Screen Black

When your screen goes blank, it may be due to myriad causes. You may want to try out these troubleshooting options.
If the “No Signal” message pops up

  • Try adjusting the Antenna or Satellite
  • Refresh Channels with “Auto Search” (Method listed above)
  • Check Signal status (Method listed above)

If “No Access” pops up together with either “Not subscribed”, Not paired”, or “No Service“, You may want to

  • Subscribe to the bouquet, which has your preferred channels if you haven’t subscribed
  • Reset and do an “Auto Search”
  • Crosscheck your smartcard number as against the decoder number if “No service.”
  • Ensure your account is activated if “Not paired” displays
  • Switch the decoder on or off to see if the issue has been resolved

6. “No card insert/card problem.”

If this message shows, it’s a problem with the smart card. You may want to check if the card has been slotted rightly. Also, ensure the card surface is properly cleaned.

startimes decoder
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Error codes or problems which persist after troubleshooting needs to be reported to their hotline or, better still, send to any of their offices near. Dispatch services may also be provided to attend to you, depending on your issues. Subscriptions can be done via MTN Mobile Money in your home. They can be contacted via this line; 0242437888.

If you seek entertainment, sports, movies, and the best of TV shows at relatively cheaper rates, owning a StarTimes decoder is surely a smart investment.

We hope you found this article on StarTimes decoder related issues helpful. You might want to read more on StarTimes from us.

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