Revolutionizing Ghana’s Tech Industry: The Impact of MTN’s $25 Million Investment in the Ghana ICT Hub

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MTN Ghana ICT Hub

Last week, MTN in a tech-appropriate fashion, digitally cut the sod for the construction of a 4000 square meter facility that will house laboratories, co-working spaces, data centres, conference spaces, restaurants, game spaces and a wide range of other commercial and educational spaces. 

The Ghana ICT Hub will have the following facilities:

1. Laboratories for Technology training and research, Innovation Hub
2. Laboratories for Technology training and research, Innovation Hub
3. Tier 3 Datacenter
4. Conferencing facilities, Offices, meeting rooms, Commercial lettable spaces
5. Gaming Area, Restaurant, and Ancillary facilities

The Technology laboratories will be fitted with next-generation ICT equipment and applications to provide the youth of Ghana with practical training in Industry 4.0 technologies such as:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning,
2. Cloud Computing,3D Printing.
3. Robotics, Internet of things (IoT)
4. Advanced Manufacturing Techniques
5. Cybersecurity and Genetic Engineering


The Ghana ICT Hub to be built by MTN is in partnership with the Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Communications and Digitalization. This is a testament of MTN’s commitment to not just providing superior technology solutions through their network services in Ghana but also supporting the innovation of a new crop of experts for the future. 

The $25 million investment is a significant contribution to the country’s young tech industry. The Ghana ICT Hub will provide an innovation space with necessary resources and support for budding tech startups and entrepreneurs to grow and scale their operations within the country and the continent at large. 

The Ghana ICT Hub will positively impact the Ghanaian tech startup ecosystem in a positive way and beyond that will open up ICT education in the country to train the next batch of innovators in our schools and institutions.

How MTN’s $25 Million Investment in Ghana ICT Hub is Set to Drive Job Creation, Innovation and Economic Growth. Some of the ways the impact of the hub will be felt are the following; 

Job creation

Through the investments made in the startups, companies will be able to grow and create new job opportunities for Ghanaians, particularly those with an interest or passion in the tech industry. Tech startups require a diverse range of skills and expertise, majority of which will be trained in the hub, from software developers, analysts to marketers. As these companies get the support needed to establish and grow, more professionals will be needed to keep the momentum and thereby contributing to economic growth and the country’s development. 


The Ghana ICT Hub will incite innovation in the tech industry both within startups as well as already established institutions by providing them with needed laboratories to trial their ideas, refine them and develop solutions. Through networking, mentorship and business support services, these companies will be able to develop new and innovative products to solve the unique problems we face in our country to help speed up development as well as find solutions for issues that have plagued our society for decades and centuries. 

Increased visibility

This investment made by MTN will bring greater visibility and awareness to the Ghanaian tech ecosystem of startups. This will attract more investment and interest through venture capitalists, banks and institutions with the desire to contribute to the future of Africa’s tech development. These interests will provide more startups and entrepreneurs with funding, mentorship and networking support needed to continue growing their operations and thus contributing to the development of the sector in Ghana and beyond. 

Providing support for tech startups

The Ghana ICT Hub in addition to its facilities will provide an avenue for needed monetary support in the form of funding for tech entrepreneurs and their operations in Ghana through competitions and pitches. Finding funding for tech startups is a critical yet sometimes insurmountable mountain for most entrepreneurs which leads to several companies getting shelved or shutting down prematurely. These companies that receive adequate funding are able to develop their inventions, test them out and refine them. They are also able to grow their operations, hire others and contribute to the development of the country through taxes and revenue they in turn generate.

Looking at the contributions to the startups, we can infer the impact that this investment will have on ICT education in Ghana to train the next generation of inventors. Some of the ways this hub will achieve this are;

Access to technology

The innovation hub with its state-of-the-art technology and equipment available for all can be used for schools and educational institutions for practical studies of the youth. Teachers and students can use the various laboratories for research, experimentation and learning, giving context to what is taught in schools and making the theories easily understandable. 


Due to the hub being a national one, it will bring together schools, educators and startups in one space allowing for a collaborative environment where experts can share ideas and brainstorm on inventions to develop well-rounded solutions. This will lead to improved knowledge sharing and partnerships between the beneficiaries of the hub leading to improved partnership between industry and academia. 

Promotion of innovation

The Ghana ICT Hub will serve as the center of innovation and creativity providing a platform for inventors to showcase the ideas and products they have spent years developing. This will inspire students and educators to pursue a career and future in ICT and encourage them to think creatively and innovatively by providing them with the space to do this easily. 

In conclusion, MTN’s investment in Ghana’s investment hub will significantly boost the country’s tech startup ecosystem by providing funding, resources and support for startups and entrepreneurs’ sustenance. These investments will create jobs, boost innovation and drive economic growth and development. For education, through the improved access to technology, learning opportunities, collaboration and promotion of the industry, we will mould the next generation of inventors and freethinkers to ideate on tech solutions needed to develop our nations and solve our unique societal needs.

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