AZA Finance appoints Nana Yaw Owusu-Banahene as Regional Head for African artnerships

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AZA Finance appoints Nana Yaw Owusu-Banahene as Regional Head for African Partnerships

… boosting cross- border payments and treasury solutions across the continent

AZA Finance, a leading provider of cross-border payments and treasury solutions, has recently announced the appointment of the current Country Manager for AZA Finance Ghana, Nana Yaw Owusu-Banahene as the new Regional Head for African Partnerships.

Mr. Owusu-Banahene, who has an extensive background in the financial sector, will be responsible for cultivating strategic alliances with Banks, Fintecs and other major players in the ecosystem across the African continent to enhance cross -border payments and treasury solutions in these regions.

His wide-ranging network and profound understanding of the African financial landscape will prove invaluable in establishing connections with key stakeholders, including financial institutions, governments, and regulatory bodies.

As a company, Africa is a significant market with immense potential for economic development, and Nana Yaw Owusu-Banahene’s appointment demonstrates AZA Finance commitment to furthering financial inclusion and driving innovative solutions across the continent. AZA is confident in its ability to forge strategic alliances, collaboration with key partners, and deliver financial solutions tailored to the unique needs of African businesses.

Mr. Owusu-Banahene, responding to his new role, expressed excitement about overseeing AZA Finance’s African partnerships. He emphasized the importance of cooperation in promoting financial inclusion and regional economic expansion.

He said, “The regional partnership is focused on strengthening relationships with banks, fintech partners, and key players within the ecosystem when it comes to cross-border payments and treasury in Africa.”

He reiterated AZA Finance’s commitment to leveraging technology and innovation to address the specific challenges faced by businesses and individuals in Africa.

“One of our key objectives is to create a unique API that facilitates cross-border payments across the continent, enabling FX and trade among banks and fintech. This role comes at the right time, as our focus in Africa is to drive cross-border payments. We will be collaborating with all the global banks in Africa to explore how we can utilize resources and technology infrastructure that is still emerging in the market,” he explained.

As the new Regional Head for African Partnerships, Mr. Owusu-Banahene is expected to play a pivotal role in expanding AZA Finance’s footprint across the continent. Through strategic alliances and collaborations, the company aims to create a more interconnected and efficient financial ecosystem in Africa, unlocking new opportunities for businesses and individuals alike.

Mr. Owusu-Banahene is a highly accomplished professional with a strong background in the banking and finance industry. His educational journey also includes an MBA in Marketing from the prestigious University of Ghana, where he pursued his passion for marketing strategies and honed his business acumen.

Prior to that, he earned a degree in Business Management from the University of Cape Coast in 2012, during which he distinguished himself as the Business School Students President, showcasing his leadership skills and commitment to excellence. With a rich blend of academic excellence and practical experience, Mr. Owusu-Banahene continues to contribute significantly to the financial technology sector and remains a prominent figure in the field of finance in Ghana.

With his extensive knowledge of the African market and his passion for driving financial inclusion, Nana Yaw Owusu-Banahene is poised to make a significant impact in his new role as the Regional Head for African Partnerships at AZA Finance.

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