Netflix “You” series season 4: Release date, cast, and everything you should know

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Netflix You Season 4

Netflix’s favorite psychological thriller is dropping a new season soon. If you are a fan of Netflix’s favorite psychological series “You”, then you must be looking out for the new episodes and when they are likely to drop.

This is everything you need to know about You season 4.

When Will Season 4 of You Be Released?

Netflix You Season 4: Release date, cast, and more
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The new season will include ten episodes in total. However, provided you are new to the series or you just want to have a flashback on previous seasons, the first three seasons are already streaming on Netflix.

What is the plot of You season 4?

In season 4 of You, Joe Goldberg attempts to adopt a new identity having relocated to London, England, where he’s found a new job, a new name, and a new, possibly murderous social circle, to escape his disastrous past. Joe disguises himself as a professor named “Jonathan Moore” and ultimately ends up joining an elite, privileged circle of socialites within the city.

There’s a  plot twist, There happens to be a murderer in London that’s referred to as the “Eat the Rich Killer.” And it turns out that this season, Joe is the one being targeted. He begins to receive a series of messages from a mystery person watching him. 

Who’s in the cast of You season 4?

Netflix You Season 4
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Just as expected, this season brings back Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg. Despite Joe’s attempt to escape his past by fleeing the country, he, however, bumps into some familiar faces, including Marienne Bellamy from the third season (played by Tati Gabrielle).

However, considering that season 4 of “You” takes place in a different country, there are sure to be plenty of new characters. Co-staring in the latest installment of the series will be Charlotte Ritchie, while Ed Speelers, Tilly Keeper, and Amy Leigh Hickman will all be regulars this season.

What to expect from You season 4 part 2?

Will Joe’s mercy come back to haunt him?

Joe has murdered a large number of people. But, despite his kill count, Joe remains adamant that he is a good man. In fact, his determination to retain his stance as a good person has led Joe to spare the lives of multiple people.

Surprisingly, so far,  Joe has spared the lives of Paco, Ellie Alves, Will, and Marienne.

Ellie reluctantly agreed to move to New York after Joe told her that her sister, Delilah, wasn’t coming home. Joe periodically sent her money, but after faking his death it’s unclear what happened to her, or if he continued to send money to her. Joe has not maintained a low profile while in hiding in London. Becoming involved with a group of rich heirs who are constantly in tabloid newspapers. After appearing at some high-profile events, Joe’s picture is bound to show up somewhere. Ellie may not even know if Joe is alive or dead, but if she finds his picture, she could fly to London to find him, which would make Joe’s life ten times more complicated.

After a very revealing trip to the countryside, Joe now knows that it is Rhys who has been killing off the rich and privileged, with the intention of framing Joe for his crimes. That’s worrying enough, but with Rhys also planning to become London’s mayor, Joe realizes he may soon have a very powerful foe on his hands. With the pair both back in London, it looks like there could be a serial killer showdown on the cards before the end of the season.

In conclusion, Marienne knows Joe is alive, and to her surprise he allowed her to live. However, this small act of mercy doesn’t mean she couldn’t step forward as a witness to Joe’s crimes. Will that happen? Well, we have to wait to see.

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