LikePlayLikePlay.COM #1 Dating site is coming to Ghana

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LikePlayLikePlay.COM #1 Dating site is coming to Ghana

We are the top Number one dating platform designed for busy career minded professionals and entrepreneurs seeking serious Relationship. This direction is defined by our core desire to remove the stigma around Online dating and with the application of technology, help those too busy building a legacy to win at love in a safe and secure fun environment. 

This concept which at the core is deeply West African is what is spreading as well to Ghana. In Ghana, where there are similarities in culture and development, in the West Coast of Africa LIKE PLAY NETWORK, INC.  a company Incorporated in Delaware DBA as LikePlay-LikePlay  will leverage these similarities and give new options to Ghanaians too busy, building a career, start-up, business the same opportunities. www.likeplaylikeplay.COM

We focus on the middle to high income professionals, career and business folks who want quality in their relationships and will not sacrifice it for quantity anyhowness.

Our Vision is with ladies solely the centre piece of our philosophy to remove the stigma attached to online dating, while putting Africa squarely as our geographic landmark.

Landing page for the series which has opened in Ghana www.likeplaylikeplay.COM . The niche shall host in Ghana as well as other African countries. There is so much common values within our continent to be harnessed, but which has for long been ignored.

We intend to use technology to both bring together what makes us stronger, while using Love, tech and touch which display our customs (family and friends) to lead the way.

Our feature rich platform offers ID verification, Subscription, a referral program; online events+ loads of fun. Our MO is to ensure engagement using Tech and Touch, rather than Catch and Release as most platforms do, leaving Love-seekers to their own wiles and caprices, having signed them up. We provide guardrails on our platform pretty much the same African style dating that includes “adult supervision” by thoughtful family members.

LikePlay-LikePlay.COM is a game changer!

Our Online Dating Platform is Top tier number #1 platform out of all the Top dating sites for decent, clean fun and love for serious relationships for Professionals, and Entrepreneurs. Created by an African for us Africans rather than the cookie cutter sites all around, that do not know our values.

www.likeplaylikeplay.COM Ghana series is inviting sign-ups on our landing page where folks can Register, refer friends, and sign up for our Newsletter to be updated on our roll-out plans.

We have so much to keep our users hopeful for love, happy and connected. No loneliness. One of the ways we do so, is providing play, love, fun for you among friends, which is why we encourage singles to tag their friends along through our referral program.

LikePlayLikePlay.COM #1 Dating site is coming to Ghana

**Recently rebranded**

Always look out for our LOGO before you Sign-up anywhere as some folks are out there to Copy-cat what we started with fake platforms that mimic us, using our Likeplay name. Be cautious.

Our LikePlay-LikePlay FULL app platforms of will be launching sometime this month, but don’t wait to Register NOW with the Android and Apple apps allowing various options for lovers.

Can this be real? A well run, and focused platform with African connections, ensuring safety and security? That is not beholden to advertisers? nor free like other platforms? But is rather, dedicated to serving your purpose in love. Built by us for us?

These are questions that are out there, which those seeking a safe and conducive space are asking.

We are an idea whose time has come.

Of course, all eyes shall be watching with interest LikePlayLikePlay.COM knowing the enormous investment it will require to keep this site running like a well-oiled German machine.


LikePlay-LikePlay is looking forward to raising a Pre-seed round in the next few months to ensure the BOLD goals, Vision it has set out for itself are sustained.

We would also be updating the relationship audience to seeing how LikePlay-LikePlay.COM maintains the standards comparable to some of the best international dating sites that have crammed into the African Dating scene, the biggest competitor being Afro-Introductions, a foreign online dating outfit, just like the other big names.

The founder is confident that they can take on the African dating giant. Our Pre-Seed will look to raise $850K, for a 36 month runway. Under the judicial management of our Founder, an erudite banker who has Mid-market Commercial experience, leading teams, and in whose last role managed a commercial lending portfolio of over $500MM in Canada. The start-up which is currently bootstrapping is flourishing.

So while Fintech is all anyone says once you say Africa, I am a big believer that VC’s can do more.

 Whether it is a stereotyping of Africa; but Thursday, a dating app that wants to solve problems created by, well, too much time spent using dating apps, had raised a £2.5 million (~$3.5M) seed investment — a few months after launching (in May) its single-matching service in London and New York (and racking up over 52k downloads). We hope we get noticed and the attention too.

It will be a first for an African female founder.

Ghana beats Nigeria in most things, and it is no wonder Ghana has become the destination to plant LikePlay-LikePlay.COM where it will be the #Dating site in Ghana!

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