How to take a Canadian passport photo at London Drugs

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Canadian passport photo

Application for a Canadian passport takes place over multiple steps. There is a long list of documents, among which you’ll see the one about a pair of photos. London Drugs provides clients with this service and can help you take the photos you need. What are their specifications? Follow this post to find out.

Requirements For Canada Passport Photo

Even if you head to London Drugs to take the photo, you should know what characteristics to look at in case a photographer makes a mistake. Here is something to bear in mind:

  • Number of pictures: 2 (5×7 cm each)
  • Background: white/light-grey
  • Head size: 31 to 36 mm
  • Material: matte paper
  • Digital enchanting: not allowed
  • Phototype: full-faced with shoulders in the frame
  • Expression: relaxed (eye contact with the camera, mouth closed, lips are not tight)
  • Prescription glasses: allowed (eyes clearly visible, no glare)
  • Sunglasses: not allowed
  • Personality verification: a stamp or signature at the back

Will an Old Photo Do?

If your image is older than 6 months, throw it away. The best option is to take a new one just before you file your documents in.

How to Order a Photo in London Drugs?

First, find the store that you’d like to visit. Choose by any convenient criteria: closer to home, on your way to work, near the cafe where you usually have lunch, etc. As it’s a popular chain, you’ll get several options to select from.

Head to a photo department and approach the staff. Explain what picture you need. They’re experienced photographers who know their job. So, you won’t even have to mention the specifications in detail.

The chain resorts to a special computer technology that scans the photograph and makes sure it complies with the guidelines of the passport office. It’s a 100% guarantee that your application won’t be rejected due to deviations in photo standards.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price depends on the store you choose and varies from $10 to $12 CAD. It’s cheaper than at most professional studios. Taking into account their accessibility and reliability, London Drugs is a good option to go for. However, you can still cut down on your expenses by using a smart alternative.

Online Photo Editing Services

If you want to opt for a cheaper and faster way, use online agencies. For example, Visafoto has been providing clients with the photographs they need since 2013. And all of them have passed the compliance test in Canadian passport offices.

This is a 4-step plan to get the images that will comply with the standards:

  1. Upload your selfie here.
  2. Select the type of photos you need (Canada passport has been already preselected)
  3. Let the program process the data you’ve submitted for a few seconds
  4. Download the file

As a result, you get an image in 2 formats: for online application and printing.

A Lifehack on How to Print Cheaply

There are a lot of stores or post offices to have your digital image converted into a hardcopy. But if you approach a staff worker with your USB stick or SD card, you may deal with a refusal or a price way too high. But there is a clever way out. Just send the image via their website and get everything done for $0.39 CAD.

As for a personality verification requirement, you don’t need to have an official studio stamp on it. This rule is not that strict, just ask your friend to put their name and address at the back.

Now you have an idea about how the London Drugs photo department works. If the price isn’t a drawback for you, opt for their services. In case you want to avoid unnecessary expenses, choose the online options. It’s somewhat cheaper, faster, and provides you with the same quality as London Drugs.

Also, for those who would wish to DIY. Here are some printer options to consider from Amazon:

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