How to transfer data on MTN, Vodafone and AirtelTigo in Ghana: Your Digital Compass

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How to transfer data on MTN, Vodafone and AirtelTigo in Ghana

Once upon a time, sharing something as intangible as data would have sounded as ludicrous as selling a puff of cloud from the sky. But in the grand theatre of the 21st century, what was once absurd is now everyday reality, and the phrase “how to share data on MTN” is as common as a friendly handshake.

In the digitally-woven tapestry of today’s Ghana, the exchange of data pulses like the heartbeat of the nation. Be it for business, education, entertainment, or just keeping the flame of relationships burning, data has become our lifeline, connecting us to people and information in an unending dance of bytes.

Think of yourself as a data wizard, capable of transferring bundles of digital energy from your magic wand (phone) to another with a simple incantation (dialling codes). The journey we’re embarking upon will guide you on how to share data on MTN, Vodafone, and AirtelTigo in Ghana, turning your smartphone into a powerful conduit of connectivity. So grab your digital compass, fellow data explorers, let’s navigate this digital terrain together.

How to Share Data on MTN Ghana

Vodafone Ghana
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MTN, as a leading telecommunications network, has provided a convenient way for its customers to share data. This feature, known as MTN DataShare, allows you to convert your existing data into “Data Bundles” that you can then distribute to your loved ones or colleagues.

Here’s a simple guide on how to share data on MTN.

  • Dial *198# from your MTN line.
  • Select option 2: “Transfer Data”.
  • Enter the recipient’s MTN number.
  • Enter the amount of data to share (in MB).
  • Confirm the transaction by selecting “yes”.

Upon successful completion, you and the recipient will receive an SMS confirmation

How to Share Data on Vodafone Ghana

Vodafone Ghana
(Image credit: JB Klutse / JBKlutse Foundation)

Vodafone, another major player in Ghana’s telecom industry, also enables customers to share data. With the Vodafone Red Bundles, you can distribute data to any Vodafone number of your choosing.

Let’s look at how to share data on Vodafone.

  • Dial *110# to access the Vodafone Red Bundles menu.
  • Select “Buy Bundles”.
  • Choose “Red Bundles”.
  • Select the data bundle of your choice.
  • Choose “Share Bundle” and enter the recipient’s Vodafone number.
  • Confirm the transaction.

Both you and the recipient will receive an SMS notification once the data transfer is complete.

How to Share Data on AirtelTigo Ghana

(Image credit: JB Klutse / JBKlutse Foundation)

AirtelTigo merges the flexibility of Airtel’s data bundles with Tigo’s expansive network to give you a seamless data sharing experience.

Below are the steps on how to share data on AirtelTigo.

  • Dial *111# from your AirtelTigo line.
  • Select “Data Access Service”.
  • Choose “Data Share”.
  • Enter the recipient’s AirtelTigo number.
  • Select the amount of data to share.
  • Confirm the transaction.

Both parties will receive a confirmation message once the data sharing process is successfully completed.


Learning how to share data on MTN, Vodafone, and AirtelTigo enhances your ability to stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues in Ghana. The convenience these services offer empowers users to manage their data in an efficient and user-friendly manner. Whether you’re looking to share a portion of your data or distribute a bundle amongst several recipients, these telecom giants have got you covered.

Remember, sharing is caring. With these simple steps, you’re now well-equipped to share your data and continue weaving the fabric of connectivity that binds our modern world together.

As you share your digital resources, you bridge gaps, foster relationships and ignite the possibility for collaborative growth. It’s a testament to how far we’ve come in our digital journey, where data, in essence, becomes a shared language, a unit of care, and a testament to our interconnectedness.

So, next time when you think about data, remember, it’s not just a commodity; it’s a gift, one that keeps our stories, aspirations, and identities flowing across networks, breaking barriers and uniting us in this grand digital symphony.

Go ahead, and be a part of this incredible narrative, where every data transfer is a connection, a bond, and a step towards a more unified digital landscape. Happy sharing!

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