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Solar Taxi

SolarTaxi is an innovation in the ride-hailing service industry. The company locally designs solar-powered electric vehicles and also provides affordable transportation services with these vehicles. This innovation seeks to champion a transformational agenda, thus, providing cheaper and cleaner transportation with solar-powered electric cars.

SolarTaxi currently provides the following services:

Solar Taxi Deliver (Courier services)

SolarTaxi Deliver provides delivery services for businesses and individuals with their electric-powered bikes. Their delivery service does deliveries to any destination with much speed. Its courier services are also lower than the typical cost of delivering goods, and its innovative use of solar energy to power its bikes makes them a more affordable delivery option.

Sale of Solar Bikes

SolarTaxi has some of its Solar Bikes on sale too. Aside from hiring their services for your business, you can as well purchase solar-powered bikes. These solar bikes are of high quality and very affordable because they are locally produced.

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Solar Customised Branding

Aside from the opportunity of making use of any of their affordable services, they also provide you with customised branding. With their Solar bespoke branding service, you can choose to let them brand the motorcycle with your logo. The best part of this is that it can be done for you regardless of the package you have signed up for.

Solar Bikes on Franchise Basis

Under this service, they provide you with three main packages; a Daily Rate package which gives you a rider and a motorcycle daily, a Rental Rate package which provides you with motorcycles only, and a Third-Party package which gets you a SolarTaxi to do deliveries for you.

Client Fleet Management Platforms

Finally, they also have a Fleet Management Platform for all clients. This is a platform used to track the vehicles for you.

SolarTaxi Platforms

Solar Taxi currently has two platforms for accessing its services:

The SolarTaxi Drivers’ App for Solar Taxi drivers and the SolarTaxi app for businesses and individuals who wish to employ their services. These apps are currently available on PlayStore. You can install it now to access a solar-powered electric vehicle to take you to your destination of preference or to do a delivery for you.SolarTaxi has trained all their riders, ensuring they receive the essential skills to ensure that your goods are always safe. SolarTaxi is currently available in Accra and Kumasi.

Since they do not make use of fuel but solar energy to power their vehicles, their prices are the most affordable. Therefore, you will be saving a lot of money if you decide to go for a SolarTaxi for your deliveries or other transportation needs.

Visit their website or contact them via [email protected] or +233 24 505 3929 for more details.

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