How to use InShot for video editing

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How to use InShot for video editing

Taking videos is probably better than taking a picture when you want to preserve the memories you’re making. Taking that to the next level, you’d want your videos to look crispy and clean while retaining that heartwarming simplicity. What better app to do that with than the Inshot app that offers slick and easy video editing?

What is InShot, you ask? Well, it’s a free video editing app on your mobile that has multiple easy-to-use features that let you crop, merge, and trim your videos. Inshot also allows you to add filters that can help give you the vibe you want for your video, so you can be sure that whenever you use this app, you will end up with an ideal video every time. Check this out to know more about InShot app.

InShot’s Features

First of all, the four basic features that Inshot offers are the cutter, merger, splitter, and trimmer. What they do is pretty self-explanatory. They cut, split, and trim your video into separate little bits for you to merge into better sequences later on. You could even arrange them into collages so different clips can play simultaneously.

Secondly, to fancy things up for your video, you can add the visual effects that InShot gives you; you also have your choice of filters. Not to mention how you can overlay some stylized texts, making your video seem more sophisticated. If you want to take it to a cuter and busier route, you can add GIFs and stickers(which they have over 1000).

How To Use InShot

I’ll go over how to cut, trim, and split your lengthy video into shorter clips, which then gives you the freedom to edit each clip more accurately and precisely. What’s the purpose of doing all of that? Well, you probably just want to get the best little parts and mash them all together. They’re all under the same tab, so it’s going to be easy to go through them speedily.

The instructions are all pretty similar; you go to the ‘Trim’ bar or the scissors icon and slide the bar up to where you think the sweet spot for the length of your video is. To split your video, you also adjust the slider until you reach the point where you want to separate your video into two. To successfully trim and split your video, you both finish it off by tapping the checkmark.

To merge two or more videos, you need to add the videos of your choice into the playlist and then add a transition effect of your choice. You do this by tapping the big ‘+’ sign on the bottom left. You can take advantage of this by adding several great videos you’ve taken to make the perfect compilation of your amazing memories!

What’s a video editor without a little addition of great music? Tap on the music tab to spice up your video with music; you get to show off your great video alongside your great music taste! You can choose music from the InShot app’s library, or you can even add your own. Not only that, but you can also add some sound effects to emphasize some parts of your video!


There you have it! The simple ways to edit your videos are with a little pizzazz. Experiment with the format of your video by using separate clips and arranging them into a collage or by having each clip go in the perfect sequence. Remember to save your file, though. You won’t want to lose the masterpiece that you’ve worked so hard to make! Go on, try out InShot now. Visit Download Inshot MOD APK.

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