African startup Zindi scales 10,000 data scientists:

SA based startup, Zindi has registered ten thousand data-scientists on its platform that makes use of AI and machine learning to crowdsolve complicated issues in Africa. Launched 2 years ago, this venture lets companies, NGOs or government institutions host online competitions around data-related problems.

Zindi leaves the contest open to African data scientists on its website. They simply join a competition, submit solution sets, progress on a leader board and then win. After winning, a cash prize payout can be done.

Their aim is to “build a machine learning model that accurately predicts when and where the next road incident will occur in Cape Town…to enable South African authorities…to put measures in place that will…ensure safety.”

Zindi co-founder Celina Lee had this to say, “We’re also working on a section on our site that is specifically designed to run hackathons…something that organizations and universities could use to upskill their students or teams specifically. It all just came together. I have this math-y tech background and I was working in non-profits and development, but I’d always been trying to join the two worlds.”


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