YouTube began testing in the third quarter of 2019, a Profile cards feature which  has now gone live. The feature is supposed to show a user’s public information and comment history on the current channel.
This is a move by the world’s biggest video-sharing platform to help creators identify their biggest fans. Profile cards really give creators easy access to their viewers’ past comments.
The feature is first coming to the Android app, then roll out to other versions of the platform. According to YouTube, the Profile cards feature is here to help its users “explore comments, build connections with others, and contribute to a more welcoming YouTube overall.”
Using Profile cards is easy as cake. Tapping on the profile photo of a commenter, you’ll see information like their name, profile photo, subscriptions, subscriber counts, and recent comments. All this info will appear in a pop-up card.
YouTube launches Profile cards
A plus for the commenter! If they have a channel, the link will be displayed at the bottom of the card.
Another cool significance of Profile cards is, all the details are already publicly available on YouTube — they are scattered. Thus, Profile cards has come to bundle all of them into one place. Easy-peasy!

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