The next stage in mobile networking in the way of 5G is on the way for many of us, with some big cities around the world already having access to it in certain areas, the introduction will have a significant impact on many aspects of our day to day life as the speeds and capacity that come with 5G are a considerable improvement on current tech. Still, as mobile gaming continues to be one of the fastest-growing markets in the world, some of the big changes that may be seen will be here as your future in gaming will be changed by 5G.
One expected shift to be seen with the introduction is likely around the tech that’s being used in these games as the options brought around by faster networking have been a part of the challenge to overcome – the next big movement will be within Virtual Reality as the improved connectivity and capacity brought around by 5G will be the next step in moving toward enabling consumers to use this on their day to day devices, although there are still some hardware restrictions that will come before the widespread use of this tech is implemented, the introduction of this networking change will certainly help move things forward.

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The next big change may be within the genre of games that are often being played – currently, the most popular fall on more casual games such as those within the puzzle and arcade styles, and more recently particularly during the lockdown in the pandemic online casinos and gambling have found a massive surge in players despite changes to initiatives such as Gamstop which have made many of these sites more difficult to access for players, as operators flex to this change a number are choosing to register outside of where these initiatives can operate as this list of non gamstop casinos becomes increasingly available to players – the genre shift that’s expected is perhaps to move away from this as the connectivity may allow for games of a more significant scope to be played, as we’ve seen recently too games such as Battle Royale and MOBA are finding new popularity on mobile devices but require a more reliable connection to allow more players to come together.
It’s an exciting step for mobile gaming and as the infrastructure continues to develop further the possibilities grow alongside them – it has been suggested that immediate speeds may already fall to around 1Gbps, and over time steadily increase to a theoretical max of up to 10Gbps, with this we may see further changes in how many operate as sharing features become more prevalent and live streaming directly from these devices continues to grow – with over 50% of all gaming being done on mobile devices and smartphones, it’s certainly the biggest gaming market and with that changes will come extremely quickly and the next generation of gamers will likely start and end their gaming journey and experience solely through these devices as things continue to move quickly.


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