World Bank complains about high cost of internet in Ghana

Ghanaians always complain about how expensive the cost of internet is in the country. This has been going on for a while but it doesn’t seem to be getting solved. These complaints keep coming although, and the ISPs have also been rolling out various promotional packages so their customers could get value for their money. The newest voice to complain about the high cost of internet in Ghana is the World Bank.

The World Bank has criticised low-to-middle income countries in Africa, including Ghana, over the expensive internet costs. Hafez Ghanem, the World Bank’s Vice President for Africa, made this observation. The Vice President made this remark while paying a visit to Ghana’s Minister of Communication, Ursula Owusu-Ekuful.

Veep Ghanem advised the Communications Minister to see to it that the high cost of internet in the country comes down.

According to PeaceFM Online, the Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI) did a research in October last year on internet consumption. The released findings revealed that more than 2.3 billion people live in countries where just 1GB of mobile data is not affordable.

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Communications Minister’s response

The Communications Minister responded by saying the Ghanaian government already has a couple of processes in place. She said these processes are aimed at lowering the cost of internet in the country.  Minister Owusu-Ekuful added that her Ministry will hold a meeting for industry players in May to forge a consensus to solve the problem.

The Minister also affirmed that the National Communication Authority and the internet service providers have been having an ongoing high-level engagement for some time now. The aim of the engagement is to promote competition and greater infrastructure sharing. This, she believes, will essentially force the internet cost to go down.

There’s a huge appetite for data in this country which we are not being able to meet and so we see that there’s an opportunity, there’s a commercial opportunity for the private sector to also take advantage of.”

So we have begun having meetings around several issues including; SIM registration, equipment identity registration among others to clean up that space and make it more secured and less easy for people to use their devices for formulating criminal activities.”

We are going to have an industry forum early next month to put all these conversations forward and force a consensus on the way to go.”

If the processes set in motion by the government works well, Ghanaians are definitely going to experience some relief. Businesses that use the internet more would cut down the cost of purchasing internet data.


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