All footballers know that the game has certain risks. Some injuries can be really catastrophic. When they happen, they can even force a player to retire. In other cases, players may continue to play, but they will never reach the same level as prior to the incident. By visiting https://1xbet.co.ke it is always possible to bet on some of the best players across the world.

Eduardo da Silva was an excellent Brazilian-born Croatian striker. After impressive performances with Dinamo Zagreb, Arsene Wegner decided to bring him to his legendary Arsenal squad. However, during a match against Birmingham City in 2008, Eduardo’s career would never again be the same. Of course, all the matches of the English Premier League are available to wager on the 1xBet site and mobile platforms.

The unfortunate foul

On the 23rd of February 2008, Arsenal had a tough match against Birmingham City. Unfortunately for Eduardo, this would be a match that would forever change his career. Arsenal is always a team whom people can wager on the live bet Kenya with bookmaker 1xBet, where users can enjoy great odds. The match was only a few minutes underway. Eduardo received the ball and was running against the opposing goal. However, player Martin Taylor was determined in stopping him. He made a nasty challenge on the Croatian player.


It was immediately apparent that something terrible took place. Cesc Fabregas saw Eduardo on the floor and immediately covered his face and called for help. Also, when looking at Eduardo on the floor, the referee immediately showed a straight red to Taylor. He didn’t complain at all, he left the pitch visibly affected, because he knew that he caused a horrible injury. The platform of 1xBet Kenya live bet with bookmaker is always available for English Premier League wagers.


A ruined career

The official broadcast of the match decided not to show repetitions on the foul, because the injury looked really bad. However, those who can see lots of repetitions of some interesting plays are those who visit http://1xbet.co.ke/mobile/ to make all sorts of wagers on the English Premier League and lots of other competitions. Eduardo was never the same after that. He left Arsenal a few years after the incident, and went on to play in teams like:

  • Flamengo;
  • Atletico Paranaense;
  • Legia Warsaw;
  • and Shakhtar Donetsk.

However, Eduardo was also a prolific goalscorer in the U-21 and senior Croatia national squads. Now the player is retired. However, people always wondered how different his career might have been had this injury never occurred. The rewarding and exciting 1xBet platform is always available for wagering on teams from all over the world.

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