Facebook recently held its F8 Developer Conference at San Jose, California, where big announcements about the company’s plans were made. One notable announcement was on the WhatsApp messaging app.
WhatsApp will now allow small businesses to display their products catalogues on their profiles for their clients to discover what’s available.

Businesses using the business version of WhatsApp already have the ability to put their business descriptions and contact information on their profiles. Now, businesses can put an entire collection of products on their profiles on WhatsApp. Customers can actually browse through these collections.

In a Facebook press release, it said, “With catalogs, businesses can showcase their goods so people can easily discover them.” From the CEO, Zuckerberg himself, “Now you can see what is available with a business.”

This feature is going to be a big advantage for small businesses that don’t have websites to showcase their products or portfolio. They just have to post them directly on WhatsApp.

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Other plans for WhatsApp

Peer-to-peer payments

Facebook is also planning to bring the peer-to-peer payments system on the WhatsApp messaging app in other countries after successful feedback from millions of users in India.

Integration to Account Kit

The company also announced that it is going to launch a software development kit to integrate WhatsApp verification into Account Kit. This would let users register and log in quickly using their phone number or email address. This feature will soon come on both Android and iOS devices.


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