WhatsApp clones African youths:
Applications which are modifications of WhatsApp are becoming more popular among young Africans, a recent study by Caribou Data has revealed. The latest investigations on Whatsapp Mods in Nigeria, SA and Kenya has shown that GBWhatsApp has nearly the same number of users as Twitter.
According to the research, GBWhatsApp even has more sessions than Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat put together and majority of the victims are 24 years olds or less.
The report read, “Almost 50 per cent of WhatsApp mod users are <24 years old, versus 40 per cent for official WhatsApp. Whereas WhatsApp has basically become a utility similar to SMS, finding and installing a 3rd-party app outside the Google Play Store requires a higher level of digital literacy and perhaps risk tolerance, as doing so requires manual override of Android’s built-in warning against installing apps from unknown sources.”
“Across the three markets, 24 per cent of panelists use more than one version of WhatsApp, and six per cent use three or more versions. Unsurprisingly, the multi-homing population trends even younger, and even more male.”

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