What is the cost of developing a react native mobile app?

react native mobile app
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There is simply not a single speck of doubt when we say that React Native is one of the best frameworks which are used by people these days in order to create some amazing apps for the Android as well as the iOS platforms. It is all cost-effective and very affordable solution when it comes to the creation of apps on a very tight budget.

However, when companies want to hire React Native mobile app developers in India, they often have to face one question. What exactly is the cost of developing an application with React Native? This is the question that we are going to answer in this post. When it comes to the cost of React Native app development, there are certain features and requirements that should be considered. Most companies tend to choose a proper React Native app development company at a very low price. Also, the experience of the developer is pretty important when it comes to development costs.

Calculating The Costs Of React Native App Development

Well, to be honest, there is not a single speck of doubt that React Native is being widely used in the world for the development of apps. However, people do want to know about the costs which are associated with React Native app development. There are quite a few factors which can decide the cost of React Native mobile app creation and development. Here are some of these factors mentioned below in details.

1. Experience Of The Developer

There are so many of the best React Native developers on the market who have had different experiences during their development process of React Native apps. Well, their experience truly matters a lot before if you want to have an experienced person handling the job, then you might have to pay a bit more. There are different projects with high levels of difficulty and these projects require the experienced and expert professionals, to be honest. So, in such case, the cost will be higher. However, if you want to choose a developer with not much experience, then the cost will be relatively lower for sure.

2. Integration With Several Enterprise Systems

Another one of the major deciding factors for the pricing of React Native app development is the integration one. There are some companies that would need an app that is standalone. The app is standalone will be able to function independently without any problem and there is no need for integration as well. However, there are some companies that need apps which are integrated properly with enterprise systems. The companies that choose mobile apps which are integrated will have to pay a little bit more because the integrations seem to be a bit costly for the people.

3. Support And Maintenance

The development of the mobile application and launch is just not the end of the entire process, people. There are different development companies that also provide some amazing services for support and maintenance that the customers might need at some point. The bug fixes, regular updates, and some other important maintenance services are really essential for the companies to choose. Hence, the factor also adds to the development cost when we are talking about React Native app creation. Most businesses choose to hire some development companies to assist them with maintenance and support.

4. App Distribution

The market is filled to the brim with different distribution channels that the app can be deployed with and there are certain pricing plans attached to every single one of these channels. There are some commercial stores such as Google Play Store and the App Store as well. These channels tend to charge the developers with some amount of money in order to distribute their apps in these particular platforms. Hence, the app distribution is another factor which can add some cost to the process of mobile application development using React Native. It is important for developers to keep this in mind.

There are so many distribution channels that deploy your app and each of them has its own set of pricing. The commercial stores like App Store or Google Play store will charge nothing less than $100 for developer license costs. The apps will also be requiring permission from the host to make sure that the standards and security policies are met. The other option is Enterprise Mobility Management where the mobile apps are installed in the storefront for installation.

5. User Authorization

For those companies which are designing apps that wouldn’t need some authorizations or log in details from users, the development costs will not be that high for sure. However, in case of apps which require the user authorization details are the ones that would take a little bit more money for the development of the application. These efforts are basically needed from the enterprise as well as the development team too.

So, these are some factors to consider for proper mobile app development using React Native.


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