The San Francisco Health Care Security Ordinance (HCSO) is a program in which employers are required to pay their workers a specific amount per hour worked, to support their Healthcare needs. This program requires employers to offer a subsidiary top-up to hourly rates, to support the needs of their workers. This is a specified amount they have to pay, on behalf of their eligible employees.
There are many factors at play when it comes to this benefit, however, eligible workers can qualify for these health benefits to ensure you make the most of them that are available to you. While the employer does not need to be located within the San Francisco geographical borders, the employee needs to be working within them.
San Francisco employees can benefit from this if they meet the following criteria.

  1. Designated Covered employee
  • A covered employee is someone who works for a covered employer
    • A covered employer is a for-profit business that has over 20 employees
    • A covered employer is a not for profit company with over 50 employe
  • Is eligible to be paid minimum wage
  • Must be employed for no less than 90 days
  • Works at least 8 hours per week within the city of San Francisco

What are the Specifics of the HCSO

A great way to understand these benefits, and see if you qualify for them, is to read this helpful guide. The intricacies of these situations can often be incredibly confusing, and it is important to have all the information available to you and get the help you need to navigate the process to ensure you are receiving all the benefits entitled to you.
It is imperative to understand that any work is done by employees residing in San Francisco, in an office, laborer, or work from home position, is considered working within the San Francisco geographical boundaries. Traveling employees who work on multiple occasions are also considered eligible for this program.
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How to Understand the Intricacies of this Program

There is a chart that shows exactly what criterion must be met to be considered an eligible employee. While employers are only obligated to make these payments for employees, many people labeled contractors do not seek this benefit, and that can be a mistake. A case-specific inquiry can be requested and made in order to qualify individual contractors as employees, allowing them to benefit from this program.

What Are Health Care Expenditures Covered Under this Program?

These items are any amount paid for health care services and the costs must be provided and reimbursed. Most health care services are covered under this program, and benefits will be paid accordingly. It is important to understand that these benefits do have certain limitations, and in the case of specific considerations, it is important to seek professional advice that will be able to help you work within the intricacies, limitations, and time frames of this program.

Who Can Answer Questions Regarding These Benefits?

If you are serious about inquiring and understanding your eligibility, contacting a professional for a consultation can be a great way to go. Financial advisors within San Francisco can guide you in this matter, and help provide useful information and support when seeking this health expenditure benefit. There are specific amounts available, based on hours worked and job position, and a trained professional will be able to be your advocate and trusted source of knowledge while you are attempting to understand and reap these rewards.
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It is important for covered employees to carefully consider any new changes when it comes to reporting and claiming these expenditures. In the event of a lack of understanding, you could be losing out on payable benefits that you are rightly entitled to. Ensuring you contact a financial planner or strategist can ensure covered workers are getting the most up to date and appropriate information to make sure they are not losing out on benefits.
In terms of employers, it is also important to seek professional advice, to ensure the accounting, reporting, and payment of these expenditures for your covered employees is correct. 
As with any important and significant financial issue, professional advice and experience can mean the difference between reaping the benefits or losing out on payments that are rightly and justly owed to workers. The most important step to understanding how HCSO can benefit you and your employees is to ensure you have a financial strategist guiding your steps and ensuring full advantage is being taken of this great program!
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