There is a lot of information out there that indicates Apple is a lifestyle and not just a product. In conjunction with the launch of a new model or tech tweak, there is always a fanfare from Apple detractors saying that the prices are unrealistic. Here we will discover some of the best reasons to stick to buying Apple products in 2019 and beyond.

Life Is Easier When All Your Devices Are Apple

There is no doubt in an Apple user’s mind that anything with an “i” in front of it represents the glamorous future of the tech and smart device industries. There is a certain sense of pride when you use an Apple device in public. It is a bit of a head turner even though they are pretty much ubiquitous all over the world. When someone owns an Apple device, it makes the statement that you are a step ahead of your generation, no matter what the detractors say.

So Easy To Resell

Since Apple products are in high demand as secondhand or refurbished, they don’t depreciate as quickly as other brands do. If you are careful to wrap your device in every crack-proof and anti-smash covering available, your resale value will be very close to what you paid for it the previous year. Apple fans have found that it is so simple to trade in MacBook, iMac, and other tech on dedicated sites that guarantee free quotes, pre-paid shipping labels, and secure order processing facilities.

Great Customer Service

Wherever you find Apple products being sold, you will find excellent customer service and in-store experience. Apple dealerships are downright wonderful places to hang out. If your Apple product stops working, you simply return it to the place where it was originally bought, and they take full responsibility. If you have bought your tech secondhand or refurbished, you can contact the Apple helpline in your area, and they will help you through this method of customer service.

Some words of caution if you are in a rush or live far away from your nearest genius bar—making an appointment may take a while. Some people book online and some call to book a session with a genius, either way, you’re looking at a wait of around two weeks. It might help to have a device kept as a spare in case this happens, and you need to carry on working/using.

Years Ahead Of The Competition

From the design of every little thing through to the quality of the cameras in the iPhones, Apple consistently manages to stay ahead of all its competitors. Their software, performance, and technological advances continue to be outstanding in every way. Even an older model iPhone still poses as fierce competition to other brands’ design and innovations.

All of these facts add up to Apple still staying a formidable presence in the world of tech and design for 2019 and beyond.


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