• Whatever is ravaging your family and lineage is broken forever in the name of Jesus!
  • I decree the curse of the Lord on every ‘Delilah’ or ‘Jezebel’ that wants to destroy your home, in the name of Jesus!
  • Everything sitting on any aspect of your life is unseated in the name of Jesus!
  • To everyone who has looked unto God only, I decree your marital predicament over!
  • To every family experiencing satanic storm, I decree peace be still!
  • Every siege of the wicked in your life is declared destroyed in the name of Jesus!
  • Every broken home shall be restored like a dream of the night in Jesus’ name!
  • Every curse of the wicked is rooted out of your life in the name of Jesus!
  • Your children will not perish, they will be scaling heights in Jesus’ name!
  • You will not see the graveyard of your children in the name of Jesus!
  • Every negative history in your family will never be your story because your family will have a new description in Jesus’ name!
  • I release you as a generational news maker!
  • Everything that has been blocking your marital destiny gives way before this week is over and your testimony is here in the name of Jesus!
  • As you keep engaging tenaciously in Kingdom service, God will decorate you dangerously!
  • You will be gloriously married!
  • I have never tried any alternative to God in 47 years. Let God be your ONLY Source (James 1:7-8).

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