Instagram has more than a million active users and is one of the fastest-growing platforms. From a photo-sharing app to a marketing tool for businesses and influencers. It is a must-have to have an Instagram account. Therefore, it is good to take all measures to push your brand, for unlike Facebook and Google, Instagram is where potential customers are daily.

You can buy Instagram followers to start a following to boost your brand. Earnings on Instagram vary with the engagement, following count, and reputation. Below are ways to make money on Instagram.

1. Become a brand ambassador 

Sponsored posts work well with most companies, but companies now prefer to have long-term relationships with influencers and make them their brand ambassador. The work of the brand ambassador is to promote the company regularly in a positive light. Through Instagram users, you can find companies to promote their products through the ambassador program.

Also, large brands can already pick out an influencer they want to work with and send them free products frequently to review and promote them. When you have highly engaged Instagram followers, brands approach you to build a long-term relationship to work with your brand.

Therefore, an influencer with a following representing the target audience is the best. It is a great opportunity for ambassadors to make money. Plus, a micro-influencer in a specific niche is more valuable to brands, for they have a more engaged audience than most celebrities.

2. Promote affiliate links

To make money on Instagram with affiliate links, join a high-paying affiliate link program to add the affiliate links to your program. In this way, you get commissions on the sales you generate. Affiliate links bring in money if you do it right. Search various companies to know if they offer an affiliate program and apply. Instagram is an ideal place to promote affiliate links, as it has a solid base of engaged people. Use your followers to insert a clickable link on your Instagram bio. Disclose the affiliate links for you to get a commission on each sale.

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3. Publish sponsored posts

Many people trust word of mouth, and influencer marketing is rising as most people trust content people share, and such referrals make many people purchase the product. Thus, most brands today prefer influencers to mention their brands or become their brand ambassadors.


Plus, as an influencer, you need to disclose sponsored posts for Instagram users who love transparency. And, you do not need to have a huge following to make money with sponsored posts. Brands want an influencer to have a good engagement rate to consider working with them, not many Instagram followers. In this way, they deliver better results for they have in-person interactions. So even with 1000 followers, you can get an offer.

5 Ways you can make money on Instagram Pin

4. Create visual content for sale

Instagram is a visual platform where millions of people upload videos and photos daily. But, for brands, posting a polished photo of their product is not enough. Plus, customers follow user-generated content more than what the brands have to say. Therefore, brands today publish content from their customers.

Thus, you can use this opportunity to sell the photos and videos you create. Also, the same applies in the travel industry. These companies invite the real traveler to showcase their experiences in the various brand properties in exchange for free payment and accommodation. But, this approach works best if you have a huge following. Hotel owners find it annoying when a fake influencer asks for a free stay.

5 Ways you can make money on Instagram Pin

5. Write captions for businesses

Every brand today wants to use Instagram to promote its brand. It is no longer the big brands marketing because they can afford it. Small businesses plan to invest more effort and time in social media marketing. To reduce social media marketing costs, they seek out freelance talent.

So, they find creative specialists that can write captions for their business at a low amount. To find freelancers, Upwork and Freelancer have hundreds of offers. You can read different social media marketing portfolios of freelancers to know who you can work with to write engaging and creative captions to hook potential clients.

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