MTN mobile money fraud is widespread in Ghana today. Because we don’t want you to fall a victim, here are eight ways you can avoid being a victim we gathered from the internet.

Below are 8 ways you can stay safe when using MTN mobile money.

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1. Never give your MTN mobile money PIN to anyone

It is highly advised never to share your PIN (secret number) with anyone, and this includes mobile money agents, workers of MTN, and your friends.

Mobile money agents and MTN workers are not to ask you for your PIN to initiate any transaction on your behalf. Your PIN is your secret number.

Don’t fall for MoMo Scam

2. Make you PIN harder for people to guess

Just like you do whenever you choose a password for a new email, you should make sure that your PIN is difficult to guess.

When choosing your 4 numbers, it’s best to avoid using the year of your birth, the day and month of birth, repetitive numbers like 1111, 2222, etc. Also, avoid common pattern numbers like 1234 or 2018.

Use a PIN that would be difficult for people to guess, but easy to remember. If you currently have a weak PIN, you can change it. Dial the MTN mobile money shortcode *170#, select Wallet, and choose Change MM PIN to set a new PIN.

3. Don’t give your phone to mobile money agents

You shouldn’t give your mobile phone to agents to do a transaction on your behalf.

If you give your phone to an agent to initiate a transaction on your behalf, you expose yourself to being defrauded.

4. Wait for confirmation

Whenever you make a deposit at any MTN mobile money merchant shop, make sure you receive confirmation text before you leave. Make sure the text received is from MobileMoney.

Be vigilant and watch out for text messages from suspicious phone numbers. Always verify transaction details before withdrawing or transferring money.

5. Count money in front of the agent

Always count money withdrawn right in front of the agent to make sure it is the exact amount before leaving the place of transaction.

6. Beware of fraudulent text messages and calls

MTN sends mobile money text/info via the name MobileMoney. Don’t trust text messages from suspicious phone numbers regarding your mobile money account. Treat such numbers with suspicion and don’t follow instructions they ask.

Beware of scam calls asking you to send MTN mobile money to their accounts to receive cash prizes or asking for your account details.

Whenever in doubt, don’t hesitate to call MTN customer service number 100.

7. Don’t click on suspicious links in emails

Avoid clicking on links in emails or texts that look suspicious. Don’t send details of your mobile money account via texts or unencrypted emails. Immediately report suspicious emails to MTN Ghana or your bank.

8. Report any suspicion of a fraudulent person/agent or transaction immediately

You shouldn’t wait too long to report any fraudulent activity. Call MTN on 100 or visit their nearest Customer Service Centre to make the report.

Stay safe, and in the words of MTN Ghana, “Don’t be a MUGU.”

Have you ever fallen victim to mobile money fraud? Share your experience in your comment section below.


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