‘Vodafone Live Your Life’ Promo has been in the waves for quite sometime now. Introduced by Vodafone Ghana, the promo is an SMS subscription-based promotion that gives Vodafone customers the chance to win prizes in weekly and monthly draws. Points are accumulated when customers answer multiple-choice questions.

The first winner of the promotion, Miss Bintu Haruna, was declared after accumulating the highest number of points, and has been subsequently rewarded with serviced plot at Appolonia City.

The Vodafone Live Your Life promo is offering Gh¢100,000 and many other rewards to its loyal subscribers. Vodafone Live Your Life promo

Win Gh¢ 100,000 and more from the Vodafone Live Your Life promotion. Simply dial 570# or 580# and wait for a confirmation SMS to be sent to you to join the race.

The promo includes personality tests, which cost 40 pesewas per day. These tests will be sent via SMS daily.

There is a monthly sum of Gh¢ 2,500 available for participants to also compete for. To unsubscribe from the promo however, send “Cancel” to the shortcode 580.

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