Vodafone Made For Me (Made4Me): bundle code, offer and prices

vodafone made for me offer
Image: Vodafone Ghana

Vodafone Ghana is always introducing new promotions to keep their customers glued to their network and also attract new ones. Recently, Vodafone Ghana introduced a new internet bundle promo which some customers say is better than the Vodafone X Bundles.

Vodafone Made4Me is what I’m talking about. The Vodafone Made4Me bundle had options for Data and Voice subscriptions. Unlike many other bundles and offers, the Vodafone Made4Me is dynamic in nature and the packages that are presented to the subscriber change with each day.

To activate and enjoy the offer, Vodafone Ghana subscribers can dial the shortcode for the bundle which is either *5881# or *530#. The subscriber would then be presented with various offers to choose from.

Upon choosing an offer, the subscriber would receive an SMS alert confirming their choice. They can then start to enjoy the bundle.

Some of the most popular data offers include:

2GB for 2 Days
Vodafone M4M gives 2GB worth of Data for 2 Days at the price of just GHS 3.

5GB for 4 Days
The 5GB worth of Data for 4 Days comes at the price of GHS 5.

5GB for 1 Hour
For those who need a lot of Data for a short period of time, especially for downloads and streaming, you can get the 5GB worth of Data for 1 hour, also at the price of GHS 5.

400MB for 1 Day
If you are not a heavy data user like me, then the 400MB daily offer should be able to take you through the day on Vodafone Made for Me for just GHS 1.

Made for Me (M4M) Terms & Conditions

In the situation where you don’t see the offer among the list, it means you are not eligible for it on that particular day, You should check again the next day and you might luckily have it.

  • This M4M offer is exclusive to Prepaid Mobile Customers only.
  • A customer can subscribe to the offer by dialling the USSD short code *530#.
  • Three offers are presented to you to choose from upon dialling the short code.
  • The offers can co-exist with other bundles with M4M offers having priority until allocations are exhausted.
  • M4M offers do not auto renew upon expiry. A subscriber needs to redial the short code to renew the Offer.
  • Registration onto any M4M offer is charged as per the cost indicated on USSD menu.
  • You can register for any M4M that is made available to you at the time of dialling the short code (*530#). You will only be limited by the availability of your buckets.
  • A customer can continue to subscribe for supporting offers such as data packages, Blackberry packages, International packages, SMS packages, Value Added Services packages and roaming packages.

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