Vodafone Ghana wins 2021 Gender Diversity Awards

2021 Gender Diversity Awards

Still, in the spirit of celebrating the Girl Child, Vodafone Ghana win awards to top the list of winners at the Instinct Women Excellence Awards. The organization, whose CEO was adjudged Africa’s Most Respected CEO in the continent’s telecommunications industry, swept five prestigious awards at the Instinct Women Excellence Awards.

2021 Gender Diversity Awards
Vodafone Ghana’s CEO – Patricia Obo-Nai

They won, among others, the prestigious Gender–Oriented Company of the year.

Vodafone’s female executives also received various awards for their excellence and leadership in various fields, as well as their contribution and commitment to the cause of ensuring equal opportunity, empowerment, and adequate representation of women.

Awards Won

The other awards won were as follows:

  1. Outstanding Contribution to Human Resource Award – Ms Ashiokai Akrong, Vodafone’s Human Resource Director
  2. Outstanding Woman in Telecom Enterprise – Tawa Bolarin, Director of Vodafone Business
  3. Leadership in Sustainability and Charitable Giving – Mrs Geta Striggner-Quartey, the Director in charge of Legal and External Affairs
  4. Excellence in Digital Innovation – Mrs Angela Mensah-Poku, the Director of Digital Transformation and Commercial Operations

2021 Gender Diversity Awards


In a statement from Vodafone Ghana, their passion and relentless commitment to championing this agenda were unquestionable as the brand and its leadership were deliberate and consistent in their approach to gender issues. Besides leading the clarion call for gender balance and diversity, the telecommunications giant exemplified gender inclusivity through its actions and policies.

Increased Female Participation in STEM Programs

In line with its commitment to help increase female participation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) programmes and careers, Vodafone had various initiatives that offer experiential training in coding, robotics, and many information communication technologies (ICT) models annually for girls, from the basic to the tertiary level of education.

All these are in line with its commitment to boost female participation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) careers and programmes.


Female Engineering Student Sponsorship Programme

Through its Female Engineering Student Sponsorship Programme, Vodafone Ghana empowers brilliant girls by allowing them to pursue engineering at the university level while granting them the opportunity to have their internships and jobs with the organization.


One can boldly say that Vodafone’s female executives were living the examples of “girls supporting girls to succeed”. In addition to organising mentoring sessions to encourage and guide young girls to aspire for greatness, the female leadership had taken mentorship a notch higher by scheduling one-on-ones with female mentees, whose growth and performance were tracked and assessed periodically.

Female rights, protection and support

The award-winning organization has also taken an interest in domestic violence and continues to support survivors of domestic violence through the Ark Foundation. Last year, Vodafone donated cash and essential office resources to the regional offices of the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit of various regions in Ghana.


The Instinct Woman Excellence Awards is a prestigious award that celebrates the achievements of women in business, finance, sport, entertainment, media, arts, culture, philanthropic and visionary fields in Africa.

The objective of the award is to highlight and honour these women not only successful professionally but are also mentors and role models for the generation of women to come and have shown creativity in leading their organisation and business.

This year’s awards honoured women who in their chosen field have promoted equity for women, demonstrated innovation, leadership on inspiring the next generation and a strong commitment to creating change for the future.

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To add to this article or start a conversation, join our forum to share your opinions with other readers. For stories of this sort and more, do well to log on to www.jbklutse.com or visit us on Facebook.

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