vivo Smartphone is gearing to launch the vivo V21 in Kenya this month. A selfie flagship model for the new generation will be an addition to the V-series smartphones available locally.

The V21 will be the first device globally to come with a 44MP selfie camera equipped with both Optical Imaging Stabilization (OIS) and Electronic Imaging Stabilization (EIS) technologies to accurately detect movements and shaking and calibrate the camera accordingly to eliminate motion blurs and produce high-definition selfies as a result. The camera will also have the ability to shoot 4K selfie videos, dual-view mode, and in slow motion.

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At the back, the device will come with a triple camera set up, a 64MP which is also equipped with OIS and EIS to capture ultra-high-definition photos and videos at night, an 8MP wide-angle rear camera to capture the entirety of a scenic view, and a 2MP macro camera for close and personal shots to complete the V21 making it truly the camera smartphone for all occasions.

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The device, which will be using the Eye Auto Tracking technology to ensure that the subject is always the main focus of the shot will enable users to fully immerse themselves at the moment without having to worry about the quality of the shot or manually calibrating the settings even in dark setups.

The Artificial Intelligence Night Portrait in the 64MP uses smart software to intuitively focus on faces, balance highlights, and shadows for the best photo in low-light conditions.


vivo Smartphone to launch V21Pin

The V21 will also sport a sleek, minimalist design in a thin body which meets today’s users’ desire for a sophisticated and stylish smartphone to complete their look. With VIVO’s signature Dual Tone Step Design to make the rear camera lighter and simpler, the V21 sets a high standard balancing advanced technology with a sleek physical form.

All these features will be powered through the smartphones strong processors, faster application startup speed, with a high refresh rate for motion clarity and an enhanced gaming experience.

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Since vivo’s 2014 entrance into international markets, it has stayed committed to producing innovative and quality products for consumers. All products have been and always will be designed with the consumer in mind. This is why vivo and its products are loved by more than 370 million people worldwide. vivo’s spirit of innovation is sincere and takes a down-to-earth and human-centric approach to provide innovative solutions with users’ needs in mind.

This move comes after vivo became the official smartphone brand of the UEFA™ Euro 2020, and the V21, will be the perfect phone for the occasion to capture favorite football moments with its wide array of powerful cameras and features.

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