vivo smartphones have been getting rave reviews in recent times, and it is true what they say about the devices; they are top-performing gadgets; from operating system to the features and functionality — you can never go wrong with a vivo smartphone.
After its recent announcement of the vivo Y30 in Kenya, the smartphone manufacturer is now focused on penetrating the Ghanaian smartphone market with its top of the shelf models.

Smartphone users are quite apprehensive when it comes to forking out good money for unpopular brands (as of the time of writing of this article), and it is understandable; some manufacturers don’t try at all. However, with vivo smartphones, you can expect a device you won’t have regrets about.

Here, I will outline for you 5 good reasons why your next smartphone should be a vivo device.

vivo is the latest phone manufacturer in Ghana. In this article, I’ll introduce you to a brief history of their success in other markets leading to their entry in Ghana. I’ll also feature some of the current phones they are promoting in Ghana.

Why your next device should be a vivo smartphone?

People buy specific smartphone models for particular features they intend to take advantage of. Whatever your interests may be — smartphone photography, mobile gaming, or simply watching movies on the go — vivo has several phones from which you can make a choice. Here are five reasons why your next smartphone has to be a vivo device.

1. Great for selfies and photography in general

One of the niches vivo has taken upon itself to capture is the photography and selfie-loving smartphone users. The company does well to offer excellent camera capabilities, as well as the optimised software to back it; so your pictures come out looking great.
If you want a device that allows you to take great photographs without being ‘scary’ with its pricing, then, you have to get a vivo.


2. Mobile gamer? Get a vivo smartphone

vivo devices have some of the best GPUs, RAM, and optimised software to ensure you don’t get frozen out of your intense gaming sessions. You can’t go wrong with a vivo. Indeed, their devices are so great they sponsored PUBG Mobile’s PMCO in 2019 — aside other mobile eSports tournaments.

3. Your entertainment centre

This ties in closely with the previous point. If entertainment on-the-go is your thing then, vivo is your buddy. From the bright screens to the high-fidelity chipsets that offer state of the art sound experience for music and video enthusiasts, vivo smartphones would give you such an immersive experience you won’t miss any big-name smartphone.

4. Dual VoLTE support

In recent times, it is common for smartphone owners to use Jio SIM cards as secondary numbers. As Jio SIMs only work on 4G VoLTE networks, they naturally become inactive when you use any other SIM card in your phone as the ‘preferred network’ for data.
Vivo is one of the rare few phone brands out there that includes Dual VoLTE support allowing consumers who use Jio SIM cards to have access to on primary SIM as well.

5. Dual Engine Quick Charge

Aside from the different power saving profiles for use under critical circumstances, vivo has also added: “Dual Engine Quick Charge” that can tank up the battery in little more than 1.5 hours.

Contact vivo Smartphone Ghana

Facebook – vivo Mobile Ghana. Instagram – vivo Ghana. Youtube – vivo Ghana.
The smartphone brand is currently working on building ultra-modern offices in parts of Ghana.


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