Valentine’s Day Facts You Have Never Heard

Valentines Day facts

It’s that time of the year again; Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. You can smell it in the air, and soon the love will be all around for everyone to see and revel in. Valentine’s day is one of the biggest and most celebrated events of the year, with millions of lovers coming together to celebrate their love. There is so much to see and to learn, whether you’re in a loving relationship or going stag. Here are some incredible Valentines Day facts.

It All Begins in Rome

The stories about the origin of Valentine’s Day mostly find their way back to Rome. One theory says the day comes from a festival called Lupercalia where men and women came together to celebrate fertility and sensuality. The second, more popular theory says that the Emperor Claudius II believed that families distract men from the battlefield, so he decreed that young men would not be allowed to marry. St. Valentine decided to uphold the spirit of love and performed secret wedding ceremonies in defiance of the ban. On being discovered, he was executed on the 14th of February, and couples have been coming together in remembrance and celebration every year ever since.

Flowers Are the Language of Love

Men are responsible for almost 75% of flower sales on Valentine’s Day. There’s a lot of trivia when it comes to Valentine’s flowers as well. The red rose, the most traditional flower to symbolize love, is considered the favourite of the Roman goddess of love, Venus. The deep red is meant to signify the depth in a relationship. There are so many different kinds of flowers available in the market, each with a brilliant history and cultural significance. If you are thinking of gifting flowers to Japan, you might want to look up your options and try something new instead of going for the usual choices.

The Heart Wasn’t Always So Lovely

Up to the early 1300s, the heart symbol we see so much these days was used to symbolize the anatomical heart, which was believed to be the center of memory. Italian and French artists championed romantic love soon after, however, and people began associating the heart with matters of love.

True Love May Not Be as Hard to Find as You Think

Statistics reveal that for every 100 single (never married, divorced, or widowed) women in their 20s, there are 119 single men in the same bracket. The United States also sees more than 2 million weddings a year, which is a whopping 6000 every single day!

Can’t Money Buy Love?

A United States customer spends $150 on average on various Valentine’s gifts, entertainment, and meals every year.

It’s All about the Experience

2017 saw 40% customers going for an “experience gift” for their significant other. These usually mean passes or tickets to an event like a concert or an evening out. This is a very popular choice for millennials, who have decided an experience is the best thing they can gift their loved ones, a memory being something they can cherish for life.


Valentine’s Day is one of the most significant days of the year, so you should go out of your way to ensure that you are making your loved ones feel important and loved. Buy them things, talk to them, show them how you feel, and most importantly, spend time with them. Make promises, and keep them. It goes a long way.

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