apps to reduce your daily expenses
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With the way technology and digitization has grown, almost anything can be done easily right about now. Stock market data, traffic updates, digital payments have all been simplified, and we have mobile apps to thank for it.

To monitor and reduce your daily expenses, see our list of Useful apps to monitor the last Rupee in your account:

1. Mint: It concentrates on managing the expenses via reminders on bill payments and assistance with transactions.
2. Moneywise: This app allows users to monitor daily expenses and come up with a budgetary plan.
3. Bankbazaar: It aids you to avail loans before you run out of money. It allows the user to compare and apply for loans and credit cards immediately.
4. Expense Manager: This app records your daily expenses and allows you to set reminders for bills and payments every month.
5. Monefy: This is the simplest way to monitor expenses because of its user-friendly UI and graphical representation.

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