UnitedMasters, a music label distribution startup and record label alternative that is backed by Google’s parent Alphabet, has released an iPhone app version of its platform.

This Alphabet-backed startup offers musicians a hundred percent (100%) ownership of every song they create.

The interface of the iPhone app is just like the service they used to offer only via the web. Artists are given the chance to upload their own music from a variety of locations: Dropbox, iCloud, and even directly from the phone.

The songs can then be distributed to a full range of music streaming platforms — Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music, and the rest.

In all this, UnitedMasters take a 10% share on the revenue generated by the tracks. This is in exchange for using the platform for distributing your music, as well as the analytics you get on how your music is performing. But the most important thing here to note is that the artists retain the full ownership of whatever song they create.

UnitedMasters has already partnered with some top brands like the NBA, Bose, and AT&T. This is to place tracks in marketing use across the brand’s properties and distributed content.

The UnitedMasters app allows artists to create entire releases by uploading not only music tracks but also high-quality cover arts. Important information like whether any producers participated in the music creation or the tracks contain any explicit lyrics can also be added.

Artists can include their social media accounts for connecting their overall online presence with their music.

Also, artists can set a release date for their music. Such stuff would wait on the approval from UnitedMasters and it does its best to distribute the tracks across the major streaming sites on the set date after approval.

UnitedMasters seeks to help the numerous list of independent artists who need distribution through the top music streaming services which listeners really use. Thus, the founders made it even simpler by just using your phone to manage the entire distribution process.

Founded by Steve Stoute, former president for Interscope Records, UnitedMasters is funded by Andreessen Horwitz and 20th Century Fox.


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