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Us men are a competitive breed in all walks of life, however, that isn’t necessarily a negative trait. Competitiveness drives us to improve, work harder, and push ourselves to our limits, whether in sport, work, or even lifestyle. On the other hand, one-upmanship can lead to needless splashing of cash on ostentatious purchases – fun, yet expensive.

Man caves are rapidly becoming an ideal way for men to express themselves. We can showcase our interests, our eye for interior design and detail, and DIY expertise. It’s not just a dwelling for respite, it’s an extension of personality, and, sure, a chance to show off.

You might be looking for the finishing touches for your cave, or the things that will really set it apart. The pièce de résistance should have been established, but adding the nuances can be a gradual process. To help you out we’ve rounded up some under $20 gadgets for your man cave, which add a particular je ne sais quoi.

Gerber GDC Money Clip

Gerber GDC Money Clip

Not strictly for the man cave, but if you’re feeling the need to assert your manliness, this is a good starting point. Slim wallets are fastly becoming the norm as the necessary essentials we carry are stripped thanks to technology. The Gerber GDC money clip offers you this, with a sleek, stylish design, with the addition of an extra utility.

Integrated with a discreet stainless steel blade, this is the ultimate manly utility wallet. Made from robust, rustproof materials, you’ll be able to call on your inner survivalist when most required. The finger grip and thumb rest make the blade easy to control, and it will definitely impress your pals.

Additionally, the money clip will hold your cards, plus a substantial stash of dollar bills. If your night takes a more unexpected route, you’ll be ready for anything with this versatile wallet.

Check out a full review from idkmen.com here.

Monochromatic Deck of Cards

Monochromatic Deck of Cards

When it’s eventually your turn to host poker night, how are you going to make a lasting impression? Besides from providing copious amounts of beer and chips, you can up the style ante with a deck of luxurious monochromatic cards.

Combine the sophistication of James Bond and fun of Las Vegas with a unique, stunning deck, certain to impress. You’ll definitely bluff a few winnings hands while the rest of the crowd are admiring your deck.

Bottle Cap Gun

Bottle Cap Gun

Without a doubt, you’ve got the coolest bar set up, an awesome fridge, and the best recliner money can buy. However, if you’re not in possession of a bottle opener that transforms bottle caps into ammo, you need an upgrade.

This gadget loads itself with a bottle cap when you open a fresh one, leaving you armed and dangerous. It’s ideal for annoying your friends, or waking them up if they fall asleep a little too early, before the night is over.

Pair the bottle cap gun with a Magnetic Bottle Cap Bullseye Board, making it the ultimate drinking game.

Emergency LED Bulbs

Monochromatic Deck of Cards

Lack of light during a power outage can be extremely dangerous, especially in unfamiliar surroundings, or you’ve had one too many drinks. These emergency LED bulbs can be a genuine lifesafer during a power cut.

While other smart appliances communicate with apps to allow you to control them, or personalize with coloured light. Instead, these bulbs have internal batteries that will charge up using your mains supply during normal use. Fully charged, they will offer up to five hours of light even during electrical problems, and can even be switched as normal.

Wall Clock With Secret Compartment

Wall Clock With Secret Compartment

Occasionally the allure of your man cave will be too much to resist, and curiosity will get the better of uninvited guests. When this happens, there might be certain paraphernalia that you’d prefer to remain undiscovered.

A personal safe can be expensive, not to mention difficult to install. This wall clock with an integrated secret compartment can be an affordable alternative when you want to keep some items out of sight. It’s discreet, inconspicuous, and easy to gain access to when you’re too drunk to input complicated codes.

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