Good news to the fans of telenovela, two new dramas will air on ST Novela E plus later this May. The Good Son will be broadcast at 7:30 pm between Monday and Sunday from 17 May, and Fists of Fate (Sandugo) will meet the audience at 6:40 pm from 21 May on a daily basis.
It is exciting as the two Philippine dramas feature twisted story settings and complicated relationships among all characters.
The Good Son Starts from the sudden death of Victor Buenavidez, his loved ones are left shocked by the revelation of his deepest secret: he had two families.  Victor’s original and legal family is affluent and headed by the now-widowed Olivia and her two sons, Enzo and Calvin. Undisclosed to all is his other family with modest means, Raquel and her two sons, Joseph and Obet.
Turbulence ensues when both families are finally made aware of each other’s existence. Despite Victor’s last will and testament meant to settle their disputes, both parties are determined to fight for what is rightly theirs. With mounting distrust and suspicions surfacing, later evidence suggests that there was foul play involved in Victor’s death. And worse, it might be one of his own loved ones who killed him.
Fists of Fate offers revolves around fraternal twins Julius Caesar and Aristotle, fondly called JC and Aris, who have been partners through thick and thin as children. But while Aris is a strong and athletic boy, JC is suffering from a congenital heart ailment and is in dire need of an operation. Their parents tried their best to earn money for the treatment, but JC’s time is running out.
Two Philippine Telenovelas will be broadcast on StarTimes
In an act of desperation, their mother gives up Aris for adoption, receiving a hefty sum in return. Soon, JC and Aris will face each other from opposing sides of the law not knowing they are brothers. While JC becomes an NBI agent, Aris lives a life of crime and turns into a syndicate leader; will they wage war against each other or will their hearts remember that they are brothers of one blood?
“We believe that the audience should always have sufficient choices of content on digital TV, and their appetite of content shall be fully taken into consideration.” Said Mrs Akofa Banson, the head of marketing, StarTimes Ghana, “For which we would like to try our best to make sure that our audience can access the richest, the latest, the best content at the first time.


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