According to a support page SEO consultant Christian Oliveira, Twitter stops opening links in AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) on mobile both for Android and iOS.

The support page initially explained how Twitter’s mobile apps would automatically redirect users to the AMP version of a page when they clicked on a link on the social network.

However, from October 21st, Twitter has updated the page with a message stating that the feature would be phased off by the end of the year.

Attempting to visit a Twitter page now appears to route users to the traditional web page rather than an AMP version if one exists.

Twitter stops opening links in AMP on iOS and Android

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Why now?

AMP, according to Twitter, enables for “fast-loading, attractive, high-performing mobile web experiences,” but the technology has been divisive since its introduction by Google in 2015.

However, due to the way it may interact with URLs, making pages appear to be from Google even if they were published by another website, it has more basic user interface issues for a network like Twitter.

Because of this awkward situation, browser extensions have been developed to automatically redirect AMP webpages to the original content URL in order to minimize confusion.

The move comes after Google announced in May 2020 that news publishers will no longer be obliged to provide AMP versions of their pages in order to appear in Google’s Top Stories section.

The move has been a long time coming, following a Google initiative launched in May 2018 to take what the company had learned from AMP and incorporate its capabilities into general web standards.

Updates from Twitter

Meanwhile, Twitter has lately released a series of new features, including the ability to view full-size photographs from your desktop and a long-overdue search capability for individual accounts.

The latter allows users to search for content using a single account rather than the platform’s search feature. The new feature started appearing for a small number of users last month but has now been rolled out widely in the service’s iOS app.

We wait to see which other updates will be coming as time goes on.

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