It’s already in 2021. If you’re not yet in the game of SEO, you’re way behind your competitors who have invested so much already and gained abundantly as well from utilising SEO strategies. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a proven effective way of driving quantity and quality traffic to your website. It is a way of converting ordinary Internet users into potential leads and paying customers.
Over time, how SEO works and how one can dominate SERPs have evolved. As long as data analytics, the Internet, and technology as a whole continue to develop, SEO will also continue to grow and thrive. This 2021, there are new trends and tips that every website owner, developer, manager, and SEO contractor and expert should know and follow. Here are some of them:

  • Be user-centric and focus on search intent.

As much as human inventions evolve, human behaviours and preferences do as well. It is always good practice to refocus on possibly new search intents of users. Traditional SEO, where increasing traffic and improving rank are the main goals, is now deemed ineffective. Every website owner and SEO service provider such as Dallas SEO Geek must know that today’s ultimate goal is meeting people’s needs. When a search engine like Google perceives your website and content as something valuable and helpful in providing solutions to people’s queries and conditions, all else will follow — rank, traffic, and more.

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  • Local Businesses and Local SEOs must put in more effort than before.

Because of the pandemic, many lives were lost. People were laid off, and business operations have been halted. As we can observe, local businesses were one of the most devastating sectors because of the pandemic. Since people are forced to stay at home to protect themselves and others from any transmission, the lack of customers made the generation profit more challenging. With this, Internet business transactions were boosted, and Internet marketing became vital to sustaining people’s way of living.
Local businesses must adapt to transitioning to delivery systems and online business transactions. They must create a way to keep in touch with their loyal customers before the pandemic started and find potential customers. They must strengthen their online presence to remind others or let others know of their brand existence and what you can offer to them.

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  • Page Experience has become one of the highlights of SEO.

As SEO becomes more user-centric now more than ever, one way you can make users view your website reliable and valuable is creating a fantastic page experience for them. A crucial factor in this is page speed. The moment a user clicks on your link and experiences slow loading, he/she may immediately click the “back” button, find a different website, and never return to yours again. As they say, “first impressions last.” Provide good quality content, aesthetically pleasing page designs, fast page loading, and surely users will continue to click on your link even on their next searches related to what your page offers. With more exposure to your page, there are high chances that they will become paying customers.


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