Are you still using the traditional methods of transportation management? Do you face problems while trying to manage everything from one place? Well, I have got a robust solution for you that will resolve your issues for the next few years at least. You can opt for the best Transportation Management System that packs in a lot of benefits you didn’t know about.

Whether you want to keep track of your transportation assets, check the status of your freights, or see customer’s feedback about your services, it offers you all the features and facilities in one place. In short, you can manage your freights better and save more costs on transportation by buying the best transport software.

Now let’s see what benefits of the best transport software are:

1 – New delivery capabilities

The main benefit of using the best transport software is that it provides you with the ability to optimize your methods of shipping. That means you can decide whether you want to set up inbound transportation methods between multiple locations or go with outbound transportation. This will help you increase organizational efficiency and also save cost on freight shipping and management.

In case you don’t know what inbound and outbound transportation means, I’ll explain it to you in brief. Inbound logistics or inbound transportation refers to the storage and receiving of goods into a business. On the other hand, outbound logistics or outbound transportation means the movement of goods from the manufacturing company to smaller companies or end customers.

2 – Improved customer service

When you use Transportation Management Software to manage your logistics company’s business functionalities, you gain the ability to improve your customers’ service experience. Now you may want to know how it happens, right?
Take, for instance, you have to ship some inventories to customers that have got from the manufacturer, ok? Now at the time of processing the shipment, you will look for carriers that offer less time of transit, low cost of shipping, and higher insurance limits, right?
Then you found one that fits your bill, and you avail their services more than 10 times. Meanwhile, you also used the shipping service of another carrier 5 times when you had to dispatch excessive freight. That carrier also had approximately the same cost of shipping and offered roughly the same insurance limit.
But when you came across the reporting and analytics feature of the TMS software, you realized that the first carrier delivered the parcel to customers on-time 60% of the time. While the second carrier delivered the freight to customers on-time 100% of the time. This is valuable information that will help you know which carrier to choose to deliver products to customers on-time and keep them happy and content.

3 – Better inventory planning

When you realize that your customers are now receiving their products on time, it becomes easier for you to plan for the products that you have presently with you. This is because when companies approach you to ship their products to customers, they will want to know how much time you take on average to deliver the products to the final destination. And when you will have this information on your lips, it will be easier for you to give them a positive answer.

Since the introduction of eCommerce, freight shipping is on the rise, planning the inventory dispatch beforehand will give you better control over your logistics resources. Further, this will result in better freight management and higher cost savings.

4 – Increased warehouse efficiency

If your TMS software is integrated into other systems like ERP, you will have better control over warehousing functionalities. For example, you can reduce the day’s entry error and spend less time on data entry and mistakes correction. That’s not all, you also leverage complete Supply Chain visibility when you use a Warehouse Management System with your TMS software. This helps you make better business decisions that further saves costs and increases efficiency.

5 – Enhanced cash flow

When you use the accounting features of the TMS software such as freight payment, auditing, and consolidation services, you need to spend less on freight shipments than you did earlier. It’s because the accounting features of TMS software is so capable that it helps you find inaccurate charges or duplicate payments easily.

Summing up

From the above discussion, you would have understood how capable the transport software is for a logistics company, right? It helps you manage a wide range of business functionalities in one place. So, it’s the need of the hour to upgrade your logistics management system now and increase cost savings and efficiency. For that, you can have a conversation with the best logistics software manufacturer and ask them to provide you with the finest TMS software for your company.

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