With more than 250 ethnic groups in Nigeria, the country is filled with several traditions and customs. Even a lot of them are identical to those from other parts of the world, see Traditions only Nigerians will understand:
1. Pre-marital introduction ceremonies a.k.a courtship: The groom-to-be’s people will go to the bride-to-be’s family home and pay respect to her family, then reveal their intentions.
2. Three weddings: Every Nigerian is expected to have three wedding ceremonies. Traditional wedding, court and church/mosque wedding.
3. Omugwo (after-birth care): After a wife gives birth to her child, her mother-in-law will come to take care of the new mother and her baby. The Igbos practice this.
4. Sunday Rice: This is common in Nigerian homes. After church service on Sunday, Rice, and stew with chicken, meat or fish has to be consumed.

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