What Is Search-as-a-Service?


Demystifying Search-as-a-Service Have you ever heard of the term ‘Search-as-a-Service’ and wondered what it meant? It’s one of the recent tech buzzwords that’s taking the … Read more

What is Nagios?

What is Nagios?

Nagios is a monitoring tool that allows you to monitor your servers, applications, and other IT assets. It can alert you when they go offline … Read more

What is an NFT? You don’t have to be a nerd to understand this

What is an NFT

When you first hear NFT, the first thought is always, What is an NFT? Everyone’s talking about NFTs, but not everyone clearly understands what they are. The marketplace for these digital assets is still new and confusing, making it hard to comprehend their worth and how you can buy or sell them.

In this post, I’ll clarify some of the mysteries behind NFTs so you can decide whether they’re worth buying into.