The top fashion trends of 2019 flaunted throwbacks and evolving trends that made the previous year a fashionable one. See Top 5 fashion trends of 2019:
1. Prints:
fashion trends of 2019
Prints dazzled in the fashion scene last year. Loud leopard print was seen in several garments like pants, coats, dresses, suits and so on.
2. Bucket hats:
fashion trends of 2019
They returned last year and they might be here to stay. These hats are amazing for weekend ensembles. They go with most outfits.
3. Embroided suits:
fashion trends of 2019
Tailors are now great with making special suits. The embroidery makes the suits classy and fashion lovers welcomed this trend last year.
4. Statement sleeves: These sleeves added an interesting 80s twist to modern outfits. They made fashion statements on red carpets all through the year and we can see why.
5. Durags: They came back last year and became the talk of Instagram. Female celebs have embraced it as well.
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