In late February 2020, when the first cases were reported in Ghana, we took Covid-19 precautions to heart. Dutifully washing our hands after the slightest contact with anyone or anything that can be considered as vector of the disease.
Then lockdown restrictions were enforced. Later down the line, it became ‘necessary’ for those restrictions to be lifted. At some point between then and now, the low death rates helped give us a false sense of security and immunity against the disease, and since life must go on, we’re where we are now. For an unbothered citizenry with a leadership that certainly cannot be bothered, Covid-19 precautions don’t seem to mean much to us anymore.

Covid-19 precautions and caution fatigue

The unintentional behaviour known as caution fatigue, is real. All over the world, people are washing their hands less, getting extra closer to people and of course, stepping and staying out longer. The virus doesn’t seem to scare us anymore; even though here in Ghana, it’s clearly only just beginning to toy with us. A government official is gone. Another joined jubilant supporters to celebrate his victory at the primaries — knowing very well that he had tested positive for Covid-19.
All these are testament to how ‘so over the virus’ we’ve become. And that’s where the danger is; after all, Scripture and common sense teach us that when you think there’s safety, that’s when sudden destruction comes.
Covid-19 is a very intelligent virus. What the world is faced with now is different from what started in China in November 2019; because it has mutated. There are records of patients who were declared healthy and recovered, only to die the next day because the virus launched a late rally against their lungs; killing them before the doctors could save their lives.
That is why Covid-19 precautions cannot be relegated to the side at any point. We’re still very much in danger. The novel coronavirus has found time to get used to people’s immune systems. Our lax attitudes aren’t helping either. We as a people generally don’t have any idea what personal space is about — a situation which makes the need for social distancing difficult to grasp for some.

What next?

Some governments elsewhere are reinstating lockdown restrictions in the wake of the virus’ resurgence due to citizens non-observance of Covid-19 precautions. Maybe that’s a better way; so people wouldn’t have to unnecessarily come into contact with possible carriers of the virus.
Human as we are, the severity of some issues don’t register with us until someone close falls victim. That shouldn’t be the case at all. Wear your masks, wash hands, and wash up often. And if you have to go out to work, do well to observe social distancing. Your health and life is at stake. Not only yours; the people you live and work with are at risk as well. Continue to observe Covid-19 precautions as before.
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