With a population of more than 50,000, the Himba tribe is filled with a polygamous people where Himba ladies are married off to their guy partners chosen by their dads as soon as they attain puberty. Their cultures remain unshaken despite lots of western influence and it will most likely stay that way. See Things you should know about the strange Himba tribe:
1. Men come first:
As expected, men are king there and women have no say in all matters that require a decision. Total submission is demanded from a lady to her husband.
2. They offer visitors free intercourse:
Strangely, when a male visitor shows up, the man of the house will allow his wife to spend the night with him, while he sleeps in another room. If there is just one room in the house, the husband volunteers to sleep outside. Apparently, this is meant to eradicate jealousy in the land and improve relationships.
3. No bathing:
As if the one above was not strange enough, the people that make up the Himba tribe do not take their baths. The ladies simply take a smoke bath and rub aromatic resins on their skins. However, the reason for avoiding water is due to the harsh climatic situation in their region. They stay in an extreme environment and they always lack portable water.
4. They are friendly:
Make no mistake, they will smile and give you a warm welcome, but they will never entertain any interference in their culture.

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